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Adds advanced production chains for a lot of low tier products.

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Anno 1800 is all about the age of industrialization. Yet in the game, we cannot industrialize the low tier goods production and instead have to place down thousands of them.
This mod fixes this problem by introducing advanced production chains, unlocked at the artisan level, that allow you to produce much more goods with fewer (but larger) buildings. To balance this, the new factories are more expensive and all require worker-workforce instead of farmers.


All buildings have 3d models and animated workers.

There are two seperate downloads, one contains the fishery and the other everything else.
  • Large Fishery: Produces fish. With its big trawler, it produces 4 fish/minute, but in contrast to the normal fishery, it can also benefit from electricity.
  • Textile Factory: Produces work clothes. Uses the 3d model of the advanced cotton production, but with the framework knitter texture. Produces a total of 12 work clothes per minute, but requires electricity for this.
  • Electrical Flour Mill: Produces 12 flour/minute, requires electricity. Can explode...
  • Large Bakery: Produces 3 bread per minute, can be improved with electricity.
  • Large Schnapps Destillery: Produces 6 schnapps per minute. Can be improved with electricity.
  • Advanced Sawmill (Old World and New World): 12 timber per minute. Can be improved with electricity.
  • Advanced Sailmaker: 4 sails per minute. Can be improved with electricity. 2 Variations, one with asphalt and one with grass & dirt ground.
  • Large Steel Furnace: 4 steel per minute, can be improved with electricitiy.
  • Large Steelworks: 2 steel beams per minute, can be improved with electricity.
  • Sausage Factory: 6 sausages per minute. Can be improved with electricity.
  • Large Rendering Works (Tallow)
  • Large Soap Factory
  • Industrial Pig Farm (requires a silo supplied with Corn + Potatoes; gets a -1000% productivity debuff unless it is supplied with food) 
Additionally, there is a cattle version of the pig farm. It requires both the Cattle needs to be butchered mod and Jakobs Shared Goods.
  • Industrial Cattle Farm, produces cattle (requires a silo supplied with Corn + Grain), allows the production of milk from cattle using the 'fertilizer' module

Thanks to Jakob for making the flour mill ground decal and the wonderful modular ground decal package.

Shameless self promotion:
Familiar with blender? Interested in making your own in-game models? I made this blender addon to import Anno .cfg files which makes making custom models much easier:

  • 1.1: Fix bug where the fishing boat pretends to be the fishery.
  • 1.2 Add schnapps production. Fisheries can now be properly boosted with electricity.
  • 1.3 Updated to Game Update 14.
  • 1.4 Adds Advanced Sawmill, Advanced Sailmaker and Sausage Factory. Moves all build menu entries to the right (behind university).
  • 1.5 Adds Large Steelworks and Large Steel Furnace. Restructures build menu - all new OW buildings are now grouped together to avoid cluttering the artisan construction menu.
  • 1.6 Adds Large Rendering Works, Soap Factory and the Industrial Pig/Cattle Farm.
  • 1.61 Fix ai progression towards workers