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With this mod, town halls, trade unions, and harbourmaster's offices affect an entire island. Multiple buildings can be constructed on the same island and their effects stack. Optional adjustments try to balance these changes by increasing the influence cost of the buildings and by allowing for less item trade with traders.

Permissions and credits
This is a small mod I made for myself. But it works as intended, so I thought I might as well share it. 

With this small mod, item buildings (town hall, trade union, harbourmaster's office, and arctic lodge) no longer affect buildings within a certain range, but on an entire island. Multiple town halls/  trade unions/etc. can be built on the same island, and their effects stack. When identical items are deployed in the buildings, their effects also stack.

In the end, this can make for extremely efficient settlements and production buildings. Items become much more important, and specialisations of islands become more viable. It also makes it more viable to build tall over building wide. And those who like to build pretty settlements no longer have to worry about grouping production buildings around trade unions and can build them wherever they want.

Of course, this mod is not really balanced and should probably be called a cheat mod. There are two more files in the zip folder that try to restore at least some balance.
  • The mod "Item Buildings Island Effect Balance Influence" increases the influence cost of item buildings from 20 to 100 for town halls and trade unions (and arctic lodge) and to 60 for harbourmaster's offices. 
  • The mod "Item Buildings Island Effect Balance Trade" allows for only three items to be traded at traders, encouraging other ways to obtain items like fairs and expeditions (probably only works with Lands of Lions).

Note that only the main mod but not these two additional mods are enabled when you unpack the zip file in the Anno 1800 mods folder.

The mod overwrites files that are also changed by other mods like Spice it Up. The name of the mod files should ensure that this mod is loaded last and overwrites other changes, so the mod should also work with other mods enabled.

Known issues
Some policies selectable at the palace still only affect buildings within a radius around town halls or trade unions. I don't know how to change that, and I'm not planning on finding out, as it's not really an issue for me. There might also be some instances where the trade union still shows a blue influence radius when you construct it. It only happened in save games for me, but in any case, it has no effect on the gameplay, so you can just ignore it.