Alien Shooter 2: Reloaded

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  1. SoulDrum60
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    Yeah.. no idea wth is he talking.. the instructions is also confusing.. definitely need a video for this one 
  2. TheGamingIndominus
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    you should make a video on how to do this as im confused on how to do this
    1. Kramort
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      It's simple. All files located in the Wav\archive should not be in the Wav folder. Also, the "text" and "speech" folders also contain Russian, which can only interfere with the game process for foreign players.
    2. Somie1998
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      Hey man when i read the word "The map of the second task has been completely redesigned, the map of the third task has been supplemented, the first map has been slightly changed" should what on a level.
    3. Kramort
      • supporter
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      I guess it would be time consuming work, and such a long description of each changed level could interest literally a few. So many years have passed, and some details cannot be remembered. It is easier to show here, which means - to install the mod on your client :D
  3. gfunk4life205
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    For Steam, updated March 27, 2018)

    - Many icons of equipment and items have been replaced.
    - Replaced sounds and music (original music in the pack).
    - Partially redrawn interface.
    - Added new implants and all the elements of equipment in the store immediately from the second level.
    - Fully rebalanced weapons and player characters in both modes.
    - There is no reloading of all weapons, campaign body armor does not break.
    - Already contains edits of permission monitors and missing music.
    - Added my new card for standfirm with replacement of the previous
    - Added the ability to pump skills and select weapons in standfirm mode.
    - The balance of career and normal survival has been completely redesigned.
    - The selection of equipment items from all levels, except for cartridges and first aid kits, has been removed.
    - Reworked all the boxes of levels, now cartridges pistols, machine guns and snipers are more often.
    - It is easier to obtain caches in the game by shifting the contents of each cache separately.
    - Simplified the passage of the fifth, sixth and sixteenth tasks by opening previously locked doors with a do. Jobs.
    - An additional pass on the eighth mission is open, as well as all passages behind the buildings are closed.
    - Removed the power doors from the thirteenth level, thus opening the way of passing with a choice without the control of a security robot.
    - Completely reworked the map of the second job, supplemented the map of the third job, slightly changed the first card.
    - The map of the sixth task was doubled, the stage with the departure of the base was lengthened and supplemented by various events - four new caches.

    - Sell the weapons of the fourth and fifth slot with caution! Because of the
    errors of the game itself when switching tabs the weapon will disappear
    bottom-up from the sales window until the number of proposed
    and the models sold will not be reduced to 13.
    - Incorrect playback of the sounds of most weapons
    because of the lack of recorded sound variables by the game's developers.
    - Incorrect display of most weapons in the hands of the character
    because of the small number of simulated objects present in the game.
    - Deliberately inverted images of weapons in the inventory.
    "Most weapons don't have a description.
    - The main menu in standfirm overlaps the pumping window, but it closes easily and does not interfere with the gameplay - an unpleasant little thing.

    1. Throw content from the main folder into a folder with a clean game
    2. Go to Wav'archive
    3. Copy content in Wav
    4. Wait for the operation to be completed and, without knocking down the selection on the files, after the operation is completed, remove them immediately.