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This pair of mods aims to increase replay-ability and the general fun. Many more aliens with the crazy health scaling tuned down. Many weapon reworks. This is a early version, and I welcome feedback and bug reports in the comment section.

Permissions and credits
Rebalance Notes-(Recommended with Horde mode to balance guns)

Twilight- Small attack speed buff. Slightly faster reload. Base damage increases, less headshot. Less ammo.

M12A1 launcher. Less ammo and damage, larger radius.

DT57 shotgun- Wider spread more AOE. More damage. Less ammo

Rapid Responder- Cooldown speed and damage increase. More damage the further the enemy.

Twin Hammer- added 40% crit chance for 50% bonus damage.

CQW Shotgun T76- Far damage increased. +20% crit chance. Spread increase. More pellets

Handgun Kramer shotgun- More pellets, more AOE. Slightly faster reload.

Grenade launcher Impact- -40% ammo.

Grenade Launcher bounce- Less ammo, faster reload.

Machine-Pistol M10- for damage, lower headshot Damage.

Smartgun- Less ammo, More damage.

Pulse Rifle- More FireRate, Higher base damage, less headshot. A little less ammo. Larger Mag.

T21 Shotgun- Faster Reload, Slightly Larger Mag.

M42A3 Sniper- Faster Fire, Slightly faster reload, faster aim down sights. Slightly more max ammo. Lowered Max spread.

L33 Pike Sniper- Increased reload speed. Added scattershot. Spread narrows when aiming. Severely reduced headshot damage. This should give it a good hipfire feel to dealing with hordes. 

M37A3 shotgun- Increased reload speed.

Kramer .50-  Increased reload speed and firerate slightly.

Laser Pistol- Lowered headshot damage. Increased damage. Now fires in bursts. Slightly more energy regen. 

Increase Guard Dog attack speed dramatically.
Lowered Support Drone healing to make up for increased enemy numbers.

Lowered Grenade Cooldown.

Slightly Nerfed Flame Turret.
Large buff to the Heavy turret.

I’m trying to figure out how to fix the trauma station into something functional, until then I increased it’s healing AOE by 33%. Also lowered stim cooldown probably too much.

Napalm rockets now deal awesome fire damage if you can get the enemy to stay in it.

Swarm-(Designed to play on standard-Intense.)(Recommended to use with Rebalance and my friendly fire mod for increased ammo.)

I plan to release a harder and easier version that you can then control more with the difficulty options. As of right now the enemies take a while to get through increasing run time. I'm working on fixing this. I am also looking in to making elites spawn more often throughout waves as a more consistent challenge. Also working on Nerfing explosives. Bear with me. I update often.

-Increased enemy spawns. Between 2-3x. 
-Got rid of damage taken from runner death acid. Elite acid still hurts you.
-Lowered health and damage scaling.
-Increased consumable Turret Firerate and ammo.
-Made armored enemies take more damage from fire and piercing(before it was 10% and 5% respectively, now 50% for both.) There a a few that still need this.
-Increased spawn speed of enemies by 35%

To install extract the file, and put the .pak under C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Aliens Fireteam Elite\Endeavor\Content\Paks Or wherever you have your game installed. You can also put the pak under a mod folder in the paks folder if you have one.

Let me know if you crash and where. Most are the games fault, but there were a couple I believe I fixed from the mod, but who knows. I need a larger testing group. Have fun and feel free to comment what you want to see added or changed in the future!

Update: I have found a few points where enemies get stuck off radar and you can't proceed. This happens with the normal game fairly often so most likely not the mod's fault, but if you disagree let me know.