Alien Isolation
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Removes save box station noise beep sound

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Removes that ear-rape sound
Which sounds exactly like:

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 Place DATA folder in root of ..\Steam\steamapps\common\Alien Isolation


Sounds like someone scraping a plate with a fork every, single, second. Gave me a headache even without headphones.
I picked up this game on sale for 3 bucks and find no mod for this and I'm like "Damn for a 2014 game this has some issues, and it's not skyrim, wut?"
Luckily already stuff for like remove intro cutscenes, better AI behavior, weapon adjustments. Cool, but why not this sound?
Forums saying "nah, can't be done", then one dude be like "bruh, just delete the file", it kinda worked, but you lose other audio and then breaks more after a load transition.
So I spent ~3 hours researching, then find someone made a "audio converter" which basically takes someone else's code and made it his own.

I had a big brain moment,
So I went and learned how to use those tools (bnkextr, ww2ogg, and revorb)
Whipped up something in powershell, found the sound, slapped the file in HxD, padded the sound data with zeros and ta-daaaaa

This is what happens when you're bored in 2020 during a pandemic.


I do mod and code stuffs