Age of Wonders 4
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Tweaks to the random map generator

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you can use any map type like pangea or divide + the other extras.
BUT the overlay changes (swamp etc) of this mod only work if you do not use any overlay theme like e.g. endless fiels or overgrown in map creation. these themes ignore this mods overlay changes.

what does this mod do?
- no roads
- underground passage: the distance has been increased and frequency has been reduced
- player throne city should not start next to mountains

-no swamps
-no desolate
-no arctic
-no snow
-hills should be a bit smoother

- no lava lakes and lava rivers. more water lakes and rivers instead.
- no frozen or desolate underground

changes to wonders:
- removed the bandit ruins wonder
- crypt only appears underground. more dark caves underground.
- holy temple appears only on upper map. less dark caves.
this makes the wonders more aligned with the scenery

check your paradox/aow4 folder under documents and add the files in your mod folder or create a mod folder there.

typical path on Win 11 C: looks like that:
C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Age of Wonders 4\Mods