Age of Wonders 4
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Makes the Skald more like a Succubus, both visually and functionally.

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Changes the visual appearance of the Skald to resemble a Succubus. Also removes the "Song of Carnage" ability, adds the "Seduce" ability ("Song of Revelry" remains unchanged), and grants her "Flying" movement.

There are two versions available:
"Skald Succubus" retains the original outfit, but removes the jester hat and gives her wings, horns, and a humanoid head.
"Skald Succubus (alternate)" features a new outfit that is a bit more sinister-looking, and also gives her satyr legs.

Modifies the following files:
Tome_Revelry.rpk ("Component - Skald" and "Skald - Unit")

Should be compatible with anything that doesn't change the modified sections of the file listed above. If there are unexpected conflicts please let me know.