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Hero only skills have bigger modifiers (Dragon Dawn ONLY!)

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Dragon Dawn DLC edition ONLY! 
Mod version 4.0  (added many more skills that needed some love, and included some from Watcher update open beta)

Logic is that hero only skills should have bigger modifiers than skills that have effect on whole army. So I increased them if you wanna go stronger Hero path, because army support skills are already good.. I aimed to make balanced skills, not OP (theres some other mods that do that)

Changes (if not listed, rest of the effects are default values in same skill):

Fighting I now gives +15% damage
Fighting II now gives +15% damage
Archery I now gives +20% accuracy (specially useful if u have my Archers range increased mod enabled)
Archery II now gives +20% accuracy
Martial expertise now gives +20% damage
Defense I now gives +2 armor
Defense II now gives +2 armor
Magecraft I now ignores 2 resistance
Magecraft II now ignores 3 resistance
Distant Evocation now adds +2 magic range
Arcane Strength now gives +20% magic damage
Resistance I now gives +2 resistance
Resistance II now gives +2 resistance
Resistance III now gives +3 resistance
Restore now heals 20 HP and has 6 range
Inspiring Leader now reduces upkeep -30%
each Vigor skill now gives +20 hero HP
Lightning Evoker Increased damage to 12 and now arcs one more time (4 targets total) like my mod Better Chain Lightning.
SANCTIFY Tome of Sanctuary: +4 Bolstered Defense and Resistance 
BOLSTERING SUPPORT Tome of Warding:  grant 2 Bolstered Resistance 
REVITALIZE Tome of Fertility: has 6 range (also affects NYMPH Tome unit)
FOREST WARDEN Tome of Glades: +2  Defense/Resistance, +20% damage.
COMBAT CASTING Mystic: Adds 20 Combat Casting Points (also affects SPELLBREAKER mystic III unit)
RESISTANCE TRAINING Mystic: +2  Resistance
DEFENSE TRAINING Industrious: +2  Defense
MENDING TOUCH  Tome of Faith:  heals +25 HP
AVATAR OF NATURE Tome of the Goddess of Nature: has 90% base chance
ETERNAL ONE Tome of the Eternal Lord: comes back to life with 50% HP
OBSIDIAN WEAPONRY Tome of Rock: has 90% base chance
CONDEMN Tome of Zeal: has 6 range
QUICK PHASE Tome of Teleportation: has 6 range
AVENGING WINDS Tome of Winds: has 60% base chance
LORD OF CROPS Feudal: gives +30 food
Battle Seeker Training Horde tome - Now gives 10% damage to tier 1 AND tier 2 units

Heightened Senses I and II now gives +3 sight/sense range
Ancient Governor II now gives +20 research
Draconic Health I and II now give +25 HP
Draconic Health III now give +35 HP
EXHILARATING ROAR: has 3 hex radius
TERRIFYING GORGING: has 110% base chance (penalties apply so in reality will be lower than that). also affects KARAGH unit.
signature skill NATURE ASPECT: +30 HP

mod version 4.0: (from Watcher update open beta changes)
Endurance Training - Reduce bonus HP from 15 to 10.
Channel Power - Is now a free action that gives a 50% damage boost to magic attacks for the current turn only.

should be compatible with all other mods that dont change exactly the same properties. 

compatible with Expanded Hero Traits and others mods that just add skills.

----------------------------- INSTALLATION

first, if you installed my previuos mod for vanilla, DELETE folder:
Documents\Paradox Interactive\Age of Wonders 4\Mods\hero skills

then as usual unzip files to your "\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Age of Wonders 4\Mods" folder (create one if u dont have)

enable mods in your AOW4 launcher (dowser.exe in game folder)
> playset
> add new playset (needs to be done only once - first time)
> add mod to playset, check if "hero skills" mod is green (enabled) and play.
if you have more mods, just add "hero skills" to your existing playset.