Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown
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A simple utility to generate Mod Installer (aka FOMOD) files for skin packs. Automatically generates the XML files used by Vortex to show users a nice guided installer to select which skins and slots to install for.

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Full documentation is available at 

ACMI: AC7 Mod Installer Creator

ACMI is a simple command-line app that will automatically generate the XML files required for mod installers (like Vortex) to show a nice guided installer rather than users having to pick the right skin files on their own.

Including these files will simplify installing skin packs when using compatible mod installers, showing users which files will affect which aircraft and which slot and interactively prompting them for which files to install.

ACMI automatically locates and reads your PAK files to determine what aircraft and slot they are for, then generates an installer file that will show users choices grouped by aircraft and slot, cutting down on broken installs.

Download and Usage

Download the latest release (also available on GitHub) and unpack it somewhere convenient.

If your mods are in your current directory, just run acmi.exe build to build the installer files, or you can pass a specific directory like acmi.exe build D:/Mods/MyAwesomeSkinPack if it’s not in the current directory. You can also just drag-and-drop your mod folder onto the acmi.exe file (see the Walkthrough section of the full documentation) to immediately build installer files for that directory.


See the full documentation including more information, FAQs, an example walkthrough etc at