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This is a collection of all of the Better Homes and Worlds modlets.

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Most recent tested version: A20.3

Welcome to the Better Homes and Worlds - Complete Collection.

This collection contains all of the Better Homes and Worlds modlets. There are currently 12 different modlets. You can either download this file and have everything or if you just want to use a couple of the modlets and not the whole thing, see each modlet's page for details.

Better Homes and Worlds Complete Collection - Contains all individual modlets listed below.

NEW - Interior Designer - (v1.0) (Signage has been merged into this one) - Looking to spice up your base? Looking to build that dream home? Look no more! We've added a huge amount of things you can add to your world.

  • Wood Furniture, Wood Signs, Metal Furniture, and Metal Signs have had multiple new blocks added
  • 12 helpers were added that contain all of the signs and most of the decoration blocks in the game
  • "Road Sign" has all of the different possible street signs
  • "Shop Signs (Lit)" contains all of the lit POI signs that shine at night (i.e. Pop-N-Pills, Pass-N-Gas, etc.)
  • "Shop Signs (No Light)" have all of the POI signs that are dark and don't light up at night (i.e. Pop-N-Pills, Pass-N-Gas, etc.)
  • New helper blocks for Lights, Paper, Cloth, Wood, Stone, Polymer, Technology, Gore, and Bed decorations have been added
  • Visual Storage  - Containers have been added that act like storage chests and look like one-time loot containers (i.e. ammo pile, pile of books, etc.)
  • Pick up Lights - You can now pick up almost all lights in the world and they can be placed back down with the now Light Block Helper (please note that due to the way lights place, you'll want to use the advanced rotation every time you place these lights)
  • Barbed Wire is back! Protect your junk yard that way it was intended to be

NEW - Scavenger - (v1.0) - Tired of finding nothing in the wasteland of your nightmares? Well, we got just the thing for you!

  • Pick Up Tires - you can now pick up tires that are laying around the world and craft them into wheels with a new recipe
  • Pick Up Workstations - You can now pick up uncollapsed workstations with a wrench
  • Pick Up Solar Banks - You can now pick up uncollapsed solar banks with a wrench
  • Respawning Vehicles - Vehicles will now respawn as long as you don't destroy the vehicle placeholder (please see modlet page for for respawn times)

NEW - Encyclopedia - (v1.0) - Want to be the biggest brain around? We got new ways to learn old tricks.

  • Collector's Edition - 18 new books have been added that are a complete collection for the standard book sets
  • Schematic Masters - 19 new schematics have been added that contains all of the schematics. Thay are combined by type and custom icons
  • There are 3 new progression "Books" have been added. These will help you keep track of which schematic master you've read
  • Loot - All new books and schematics have been added to the loot tables
  • Traders - All new books and schematics are able to be sold to traders and have a chance of being sold by them.
  • Please see modlet page for detailed information on what each schematic does

Army Surplus - (v1.0.1) - Come on down to the Army Surplus where we not only sell you surplus army gear, We show you how to make it too!

  • Added recipes for all steel weapon parts
  • Added recipes for all firearms parts
  • Added recipes for all steel and military armor parts
  • Tied new recipes to appropriate perks for unlocking (recipes unlock at level 3)
  • Created schematics for new recipes
  • Added new schematics to loot tables and trader lists

Down on the Farm - (v1.0) - Tired of eating the same ol' crap? Come on down to the farm and we'll rustle up some grub worth eating!

  • New Tool - Crop Harvester
  • New Workstation - Composter
  • New Crops - Tomato and Pea
  • New Resource Collection Options - Chicken Coup and Wild Animal Trap
  • New Canned Food Recipes
  • New Recipes - Tomato Sauce, Spaghetti, and Compost
  • Change to Farm Plot recipe
  • Change to seed recipes, reduced from 5 to 3

Updated - Power Plant - (v1.0) - Afraid of the dark? Well, don't be! With the Power Plant modlet, you'll be lighting up those dark corners in no time!

  • New crafting recipes: Engine, Solar Bank, Solar Cell
  • Engine can be unlocked by Grease Monkey Perk or Schematic
  • Solar Bank and Solar Cell can be unlocked by Advanced Engineering or Schematic
  • Increased generator max fuel to 10k and engine output to 200
  • Increased solar bank max power to 900 and solar cell output to 150
  • Increased battery bank max power to 800 and battery output to 100
  • Added new schematics to loot tables and trader lists
  • NEW - Added a "wireless" fuse box that hides wires connected to it

Updated - Nuts & Bolts - (v1.0) - Ever wonder why you can create something as complex as a battery but not something as simple as a spring? Think it's strange that you can make glass jars and not beakers? Well, now you can with this ever so needed intelligence helper!

  • New crafting recipes: Electric Parts, Mechanical Parts, Scrap Polymers, Springs, Beaker, Motor Tool Parts, Steel Tool Parts, Headlights, and Sewing Kits
  • Crafted in Inventory: Sewing Kit
  • Crafted in Workbench: Electric Parts, and Headlights
  • Crafted in Forge: Mechanical Parts, Springs, Beaker, Motor Tool Parts, and Steel Tool Parts
  • Crafted in Chem Bench: Scrap Polymers, (NEW) Acid
  • A resources tab was added to the chem bench to allow crafting of the scrap polymers and acid

Hoarder - (v2.0) - Do you wish you had more space to store all of your stuff? Do you have a compulsive need to keep everything you find? Look no further!

  • Most containers have had their spaced doubled
  • Some containers now have maximum slots
  • Mailboxes have been increased to maximum size so you and your friends can "mail" each other items!
  • Vehicles now have increased storage!
  • Added storage to shelves so they have a function. They do NOT contain loot. This has been removed as the new store shelf blocks have storage.
  • NOTE - This does not retroactively affect containers that have already been placed in the world. If you have containers that have already been placed, you'll need to break them (or pick them up if you can) and replace them back down to take advantage of the increased size

UpdatedModern Cooking - (v1.3) - Tired of only having campfires to cook in? Would you like to update your base with a more modern look? We've got you covered!

  • 1 new helper block has been added "Modern Cooking Appliances"
  • There are 11 new "Campfire" blocks to choose from: Wall Oven, Wood Burning Stove, Coffee Maker (Regular and Commercial), Charcoal Grill (Open and Closed), Gas Grill (Open and Closed), 2 Microwaves, and Toaster
  • Per requests to increase realism, some blocks have had changes to what they can make
  1. Blocks that can craft everything: Wall Oven, Wood Burning Stove, and both Microwaves
  2. Blocks that can only craft food: Charcoal Grill (Open and Closed), Gas Grill (Open and Closed), and Toaster
  3. Blocks that can only craft drinks: Coffee Maker (Regular and Commercial)
  • The recipe is: 10 Forged Iron, 4 Electrical Parts, and 1 Short Pipe
  • Each new block has been given a particle effect so that you know it's on. Some have fire and sound, some have flickering light.

Updated - Reinforced Doors - (v1.4) - Do you want a fancier looking base/house without sacrificing safety? We've got a door for that!

  • 5 new helper block was added that contains the 6 new doors, 6 new windows, and 3 helpers for powered overhead doors
  • There are 5 new Reinforced Entry Doors: White, Brown, and all 3 Commercial Doors
  • Each Reinforced Entry is identical to a basic Vault door except that they can't be upgraded
  • There are 6 new Reinforced Windows: Store Corner, One Sided, Two Sided, Three Sided, Four Sided, and Wood
  • Each Reinforced Window has the properties of bulletproof glass and double the health
  • 3 New Garage Doors were added
  • There is a new Brown Rolling Garage Doors (unpowered)
  • 2 new powered garage doors were added that are identical to the 5x3 Powered Steel Garage Door. Both require power to operate. Models are the White and Brown rolling garage door
  • NEW - 3 New helper blocks for the 3 different sized overhead doors (3x3, 5x4, 7x4)
  • A working Jail Door is just the thing you need to lock up unruly players!

Fashionista - (v2.0) - Has the zombie apocalypse turned you into a fashion faux pas? Bring some color and pizzazz to your life with these beautiful colors!

  • 22 New Colors Added
  • All dyes added to the dye loot list
  • Has a chance to come pre-installed in looted clothing and armor
  • Created recipes for all apparel that isn't currently craftable
  • Tied all new recipes to appropriate books or perks

Indoor Plumbing - (v1.1) - Tired of running to the lake every time you need a little water? Wish your faucets worked the way they're supposed to? Well! With this handy plumbers pack, you'll get the faucets working in no time!

  • You can now collect water in jars from faucets
  • Faucets that can be used: Small and Large Iron Faucets, Small and Large Brass Faucets, Open Medicine Cabinet with Faucet
  • NOTE: Closed Medicine Cabinet with Faucet CAN NOT be used due to it being a container

As we continue to update this master collection we'll update the version and add all new modlets to this along with the option to download them individually

Have fun and build yourself Better Homes and Worlds!

You can now follow the Better Homes and Worlds roadmap on Trello