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Unnecessary but Beautiful. A collection of carefully created new items for the game. None of them are necessary, but, oh yes, they are beautiful.
And remember, "don't let the zombie apocalypse keep you from having nice things"

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Unnecessary but Beautiful it's a mod I began some months ago because I wanted to add a coffe maker and a large TV to the game (Then the Fun Pimps decided to add their own coffe maker in A18) but by then I had already created many items and so I kept going.
All the textures, normal maps and 3d models are made by myself.
There a bit of everything. There are TVs you can turn on and off without power, wich display a couple of screens (one is a video you can replace with anything you want) No power need working lamps, kitchen stuff, cabinets, decorations, etc.
I may continue adding stuff and updating this mod when I have new content to add. As I do all the work myself, it takes time.
There are no recipies, so all items must be aquired through creative menu, if someone wished to make a recipe file I'll be glad to incluide it and credit the author.

I'm also including a Modern House prefab which was built using the mod.

I hope you like this mod, it was months of work. Enjoy!

NOTE: 12-21-2019 - I have fixed the paintings hitting zone problem. If you had already downloaded the mod, just download HNpaintings.rar and extrat the file inside to your game's mod/unnecessarybutbeautiful/resources folder and replace the file there. Sorry for the inconvenience. New downloads include the fix already.


I have updated the MOD file. Replaced few objects with with improved versions and fixed the Teddy Bear offset, also fixed it in the optional recipies file.
The POI Moden House is now an optional separated file.
If you don't want to go through the trouble of downloading again just to fix an offeset teddy bear or have some few improved items, go to the mod's config folder, open blocks.xml, serach for: HN Toy Teddy Bear, and remove this line: <property name="ModelOffset" value="0.5,0.5,0"/>, do the same for the optional recipies file.


01/24/2020  - VERSION 1.2


Fixes problem with 2x2 blocks objects being offset
Rescaled palm plant pot to .8