7 Days To Die

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This mod mainly focuses on extending endgame, making the game more challenging, making some realistic changes, taking away some arcade factors and adding some quality of life features

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Vanilla Reloaded (DVS)

This Mod greatly expands endgame and prevents you from being an overpowered supersoldier past level 100, it makes the game challenging all the way to level 300

Guns have been reworked to mainly use recoil instead of aiming circle
  • General gunstats have been changed, for example rate of fire, reload rate, much better pipe weapons, sniper damage and much more
  • Item modifiers have been reworked to not influence only damage but to influence recoil, accuracy and other stats
  • Your exact accuracy (aimed and hip) is not displayed in the item stats
  • Guns, Tools and Weapons use their respective parts to repair now instead of the general repair kit
  • Sniper Rifles deal 2.2x more damage than Assault Rifles now
  • The parts you need to repair are being shown in the item's description, it is highlighted in yellow
  • Two new Item-Modifiers: Flammable Oil and Liquid Nitrogen, very helpful lategame

Weapons, Tools and Turret changes
  • Melee weapons and tool damage has been greatly increased (~+50%)
  • Melee weapons and tools now have a bit of armor penetration depending on how heavy they are to immitate blunt force on armored Zombies
  • Chainsaw deals massively more damage, but is ineffective against armored zombies
  • Auger is much quicker and feels like an Auger now
  • Bows and Crossbows deal significantly more damage, reload faster and are more accurate
  • Explosive damage has been greatly increased
  • Junk Turret damage, range and rate of fire has been increased greatly. Magazine Size is not random anymore and tiered (quality 1 has 50 rounds, quality 6, 100). To ballance things out, junk ammo now uses gunpowder.

Ammo has been reworked, to function more like their classes suggest
  • Ball Ammo does low damage against armored zombies, but does 20% more damage than AP, also can penetrate 1 enemy and a block up to 750 hit points
  • AP (Armor Piercing Ammo) does most damage against armored zombies, penetrates 3 enemies, penetrates a block up to 1500 hit points but puts a little more stress on your gun
  • HP (Hollow Point Ammo) does 75% more damage than ball but does almost no damage at all against armored zombies, very effective against quickly regenerating zombies
  • Shotgun Shells and Slugs have 2-3 times more range than before
  • Shotgun Shells do significantly less damage against armored zombies

Zombies now have more Zombie-Classes, which get along with ammo changes perfectly
* Armored Zombies
- Soldier and Biker now have 80% armor
- Demolition now has 90% armor
-- Demolition deals massive explosion damage and puts you on fire
* Feral and Radiated Wight
- Are now extremely dangerous they run very fast and deal massive damage

- Feral heals 20hp/s and radiated 100hp/s
* Radiated Zombies
- Unarmored Radiated Zombies heal 40hp/s
- Armored Radiated Zombies heal 10hp/s
* Radiated Demolitioner
- unknown
As you Level up the zombies will also get stronger (+3.33% damage-/, health-/ and blockdamage-bonus every 10 levels)

Attributes, Skills, Perk Books and Magazines have been heavily reworked
Everything has been reworked to feel a little bit less arcade and not to be extremely reliant on perks, also to be more challenging
* New Perks

- Night Stalker
- Every Gun-Perk now has it's own Weapon Handling Perk (reduces recoil, increases accuracy, ...)
- Adrenaline Rush (use less stamina, reload faster and run quicker when you are low health)
- Athlete Perk (Run Faster)
- Plague Doctor
* Removed Perks

- Treasure Hunter
- Parkour
- Penetrator
- Huntsman
- Charismatic Nature
These perks didn't fit very well with the mod, you are not supposed to be jumping 3 blocks high like Parkour does, or find lategame look very early on how Charismatic Nature can cause, Penetrator doesn't fit well with the ammo changes and Huntsman doesn't fit with the way harvesting has been changed (1 raw meat for 1 cooked meat for example)
* Reballanced Perks

- Lucky Looter
-- Lootquantity bonus, instead of lootstage
- Packmule
- Engineer, Physician and Master Chef
-- Greatly increased crafting speeds (general craft: Engineer, chem station craft: Physician, food/water craft: Master Chef)
- Physician healing bonus removed
- Pain Tolerance weakened greatly
- All Melee and Ranged perks weakened (mostly instead of +50% damage at max lvl now +10%)
Previously perks made you be the unkillable supersoldier, after you went past level 100, perks were way too overpowered, now perks do give you nice little boosts to get along on your way to level 300
* Attribute and Perk Books

- Reballanced all perk books that conflict with new recoil mechanic, or other new mechanic and which increased you damage too much, generally perk damage for example has been decreased from +50% to +10% at max level, Perk Books now follow the same principle, instead of +10% damage, now do +2%
- Attributes generally give less headshot-bonus and dismember-change at max level (+150%, 10%)
* Magazines

- Magazine requirements for everything harvesting, bulding and crafting related has been halved

- Maximum hp is not capped at 200, but now 400 at level 300, but trust me, you will need it
- You generally gain more xp from killing zombies and looting and a bit less from upgrading
- Your jumping height has been reduced from 1.5 to 1 meter
- Possibility of breaking your leg has been greatly increased, so no more jumping of off buildings from 15 meter without consequences; safe fall height: 6-8 meters
- Increased backpack size to 54 (+9) to get along with ammo and repair part changes

* Tiered Loot Changes
- You now find lategame loot much later, everything has been well ballanced out to make looting worthy until lategame
- Lootstage 0 to 200 = tier 1 loot, 100 to 300 = tier 2, 200 - 999999 = tier 3, so you will find good stuff very late
- Highest chance for tier 1 loot at Lootstage 100, 2 at 200, 3 at 300
- POI Lootstage bonus and most biome bonuses have been removed with the Wasteland being the only biome now to increase your Lootstage
* General Loot changes
- You generally find a bit less food, water, medics
- Ammo amounts are generally minimally less but more random, you can find double the amount of vanilla but also nothing
- You can now find HP, AP, Slugs and more explosives in loot (30% you get them instead of ball)
- Previously it was almost impossible to find Rocket Launchers, now it is much more frequent in T3 loot
- Hardened Chests contain much more modificators and guaranteed weapons
- You can't find arrows, meat and fat in loot anymore
- You generally find more gun powder, cobblestone, iron and steel ingots, gas, ... which greatly helps early game
- Much more smaller changes
* New lootcontainers
- Brown Pallets (Contain mostly trash but can contain a ton of other stuff even rarely weapons)
- Military Pallets (Contain ammo only)
- Blue Water Barrels (Rarely gives murky water and very rarely gives up to 9 boiled water)
* Harvest-Amounts
- Animal harvests have been overworked, most noteable: 1 Grilled Meat now requires only 1 raw meat, to get along with this, animals also give less meat
- Its more rewarding now to disassemble big trucks and busses, they contain more resources and Gas
* Recipes
- Bullet casings require more brass
- Repair Kit (Renamed to Vehicle Repair Kit) now uses more resources
- Junk Ammo now uses gun powder
- All ammo recipes have been slightly adjusted to fit the ammo changes
- Food Recipes have been adjusted to fit harvesting changes

- All tool-/weapon-/armor-parts
- Springs, scrap polymer, mechanical-/electrical-parts
- Extra glue recipe
- Vitamins and Painkiler
- Explosive barrel, propane tank and barbed wire
- Engine
* Traders

- All traders restock every 2 days
- Overall open time is longer
- Trader loot is ballanced to Lootstage changes, you can buy tier 3 loot much later
- Traders are generally more expensive
There will be more changes in the future, Quality 1 Loot will be worth much more than before and not be worthless, also general stuff will be a little bit cheaper whereas modificators and weapons/tools/armor will be more expensive

Quality of Life/Gameplay Changes

- Zombie Bear and Vulture random spawns have been removed/drastically reduced
- Demolition and Wight deal blunt force damage, meaning they can partially ignore your armor, making them threatful even lategame
- Removed wakeup sound everytime you wake zombies up, they will now silently creep up on you
- Lot of stacksizes have been increased
- Spike traps have been buffed greatly
- You can now disassemble your ammo
- Auto Shotgun now uses Pumpgun sound
- Removed Auger-/Chainsaw-idle and placed turret sounds

User Interface
- Removed poi-/biome-difficulty displays
- Added Food/Water bars and visually changed the HP-/Stamina-/Stealth-bars (you can download a version without this)

- This mod features patchfiles for Izayo's guns

Everything that has been changed has colorful descriptions which hightlight important values

DVS: this mod is sometimes really hard, if you don't pay attention, death waits arround every corner