7 Days To Die

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Adds 100+ new quests to the game that all come with immersive lore which expands on the existing lore of the game.

Permissions and credits
This is an A21 mod that adds over 100 new quests to the game that are available at traders. Instead of quests that just send you on a "Clear" mission, all quests and POI's in the game have been further split up into more specific quest groups. This means that you will now get quests such as "Clear Cabin", "Rural Fetch", and many more. Nearly all POI's in the game have been added to POI specific quests that will send you to specific locations.

All quests rewards are the same as the rewards found in the base game quests so the game balance will not be broken. These quests are all made to fit alongside the base game quests seamlessly.

A new quest category has been added as well "Clear and Defend" quests will send you to a location to clear it and then once it is cleared a ruthless horde of zombies will appear that you will have to fight off to finish off the quest. Clear and Defend has been added as a new generic quest type and to many POI specific quests, additionally all quests above tier 1 have been given infested variations.

Clear and defend quests are currently bugged so they have been removed from the mod for now. They may or may not be readded in a future version of the mod if I can get them working properly without bugs.

Other Features:
  • The starting quest chain has been removed and is now just a quest that takes you to the trader at game start.
  • Trader quests will reset every 2 days instead of every 3 days.

I plan to add more quests in the future and if any other people want to add more quests to the mod or have ideas for new quests that would fit good in the mod any suggestions or help would be great.

I recommend you play this mod with Adventure Quest

EAC must be off for the mod to work properly and it has to be installed on both server and client. You should probably start a new world when adding any new mods to a game with 7 days to die. This mod might work with existing worlds but it also might not.

New quest name list:
  • Urban Clear
  • Urban Fetch
  • Rural Clear
  • Rural Fetch
  • Survivor Site Clear
  • Survivor Site Fetch
  • Fast Food Clear
  • Fast Food Fetch
  • Cave Clear
  • Cave Fetch
  • Gas Station Clear
  • Gas Station Fetch
  • Diner Clear
  • Diner Fetch
  • Ranger Station Clear
  • Ranger Station Fetch
  • Cabin Clear
  • Cabin Fetch
  • Cabin Fetch / Clear
  • Cabin Clear / Defend
  • Office Clear
  • Office Fetch
  • Office Fetch / Clear
  • Office Clear / Defend
  • Military Outpost Clear
  • Military Outpost Clear
  • Military Outpost Fetch / Clear
  • Military Outpost Clear / Defend
  • Warehouse Clear
  • Warehouse Fetch
  • Warehouse Fetch / Clear
  • Warehouse Clear / Defend
  • Farm Clear
  • Farm Fetch
  • Farm Fetch / Clear
  • Farm Clear / Defend
  • Apartment Clear
  • Apartment Fetch
  • Apartment Fetch / Clear
  • Apartment Clear / Defend
  • Store Clear
  • Store Fetch
  • Store Fetch / Clear
  • Store Clear / Defend
  • City Building Fetch / Clear
  • City Building Clear / Defend
  • Skyscraper Fetch / Clear
  • Skyscraper Clear / Defend
  • Skyscraper Fetch / Clear
  • Factory Clear / Defend
Dementive - Made the mod
Zorgoball -  Wrote all of the quest localization and helped come up with lots of great lore
Sphereii - Several C# scripts from Score are used to make Quests Expanded possible. Score is not a dependency but the scripts in this mod are derived from it.

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