7 Days To Die
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Extract oil, gas and related terrain to compliment the base builder and gas guzzling tool user!

Permissions and credits
*Thanks to Stallionsden for producing the mining machine which this is heavily based on.

Adds an Oil and Gas extractor.
-Control Panel block that changes into a gas pump when its ready to be looted. Loot it and it changes back to the control panel
-Loot possibilities in the Extractor =
-Motor Tool Fuel
-Oil Shale
-Oil Deposit terrain block
-Oil and Sand terrain block
-asphalt terrain block

Added recipes
-Paraffin Candle
-Motor Tool Fuel (convert 80 gas + 2 oil into 100 motor tool fuel for the auger and chainsaw
-Duct Tape using tar
-Torch using tar
-asphalt can be converted into Tar at chemistry station

  I currently have the recipe set to a more simple recipe than what I want, but I wanted it to be overly reasonable so others can test it out and as I add in the schematics, recipes, loot tables, and progressions I can get more input.

Future of the Mod
- Would like to add different grades of this mod, from simpler recipe to more complex.
- I want to figure out how to make it so all the ammogascans act similar to the water jar when you refill an item or vehicle with gas you are returned with gas cans which you can then refill at either the Oil & Gas extractor and/or chemistry station or barrel of gas.
-Get unique models for this mod.