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This mod was meant to retain the feel of vanilla 7 Days to Die, while adding much much more, and expanding the end game quite a bit.

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It doesn't take much to see that the world has fallen to shit. It's become normal to blow the head off a human, or what used to be a human, in order to survive and even thrive in the undead world. This time, though, you get to uncover the secrets to why you're here. Look for clues that are hidden deep in undead hives, in over ran military outposts, or from your friendly traders who have seen it all. Fight the undead as the biome shapes them and the radiation makes them stronger over time. If you're a hardcore player, or a casual player looking for a twist, this mod is for you. It wont be easy as you learn where you can step and where you can't, but through time, you will learn and you will conquer. I hope to see you among the living fighting side by side with survivors and against bandits. Good luck out there survivor, god speed.

Note: This mod is still in early stages and does not contain absolutely everything that i'd like it to, however it's at a state where i believe it to contain enough to be playable. There will be much much more to come so please feel free to message me on discord to let me know what you'd like to see and what could be changed/updated :D 

Discord: Shavick#8511

Crystal Hell Discord: https://discord.gg/HM77bd3Nxz
Updates and Hotfixes are posted here and any/all issues are handled very quickly :) Hope you see you there!

This mod requires EAC to be deactivated. You can do this by opening steam, navigating to your library and pressing play on 7 days to die. This should open a small window that asks if you want to play the game or Show game launcher. Chose "Show game launcher" and un-check the box that says "Use EasyAntiCheat(EAC)", then press "Run & Save as default".

List of some features:

- Custom boss battles with boss abilities! Different every time you fight them!
- Multiplayer tested and ready for you and your friends! (they also need the mod to play)
- World bosses that skulk around the world, waiting for you to challenge them!
- Deadly biome effects could kill you if you're unprepared.
- re-worked traders, no longer are traders a 1 stop shop!
- Action skills! Go from level 1-500 and gain massive benefits along the way.
- Traders are destructible! Be careful when you go to do trading as you may find a wandering horde has broken in.
- New Weapons and items
- New Crafting Recipes
- New Crafting Stations
- Zombies completely redone! Zombies now get much much harder depending on which biome you go into, so be careful!
- Decoration blocks. (planned decoration packs coming soon! 100% Free)
- Crystals spawn all over the world, break them and have a chance at getting good loot!
- Zombie hives! Find hives around your random gen, or Crystal Hell Dedicated map. Loot these POIs and get fantastic loot! Be careful though, some of the              worst zombies of that biome hide in the shadows! Defeat them and unearth the secrets they hold.
- New Biome bosses! Go through the trader quests and unlock Boss battles!
- Story line! Dive into the story of why you're here and how the world became an undead wasteland!
- Wandering survivors and Bandits! See someone else in your world? Chances are they are a survivor or a bandit, approach with caution!
- Expanded gameplay! The aim of the mod is to stretch the gameplay to make the playability of a world much larger.
- 3 New blocks past steel, Tungsten, Titanium, and Quantium! (All shapes included)
- Food spoils! Be careful where you store it and what you keep!
- You can craft from containers, make sure you're within 10 blocks of the chest you want to pull from.
- Farming overhauled! Multiple new plants to either protect your base or give you bonuses!
- Skills redone. You will be put into a class based on what weapons you decide to use!

More Content is in the works! Keep an eye out for updates and new content very soon! 

A special thanks to LittleMonsters for allowing me to integrate his Plumbing overhaul mod 

How to Install Updates:

If you already have the main mod files, then installing an update if very easy. Go to where you have 7 Days to die installed. (This can be found by opening steam, right clicking 7 days to die in your library, click managed and browse local files.)
Open the mods folder and open a folder called "3-CrystalHellAlpha20". 
Now open the update.rar file and click and drag all files into the "3-CrystalHellAlpha20" folder. Click "replace files in destination" and you're good to go!

Have fun!