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Adds more drugs and medication to the game.

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Welcome fellow Physician !

This is my medication modlet. It adds 6 new items derived from some of the game. The goal is to add more links between weak and stronger items, and provide a feeling of wider choice for players when it comes to basic resource items to combine.

Reasons :

I wanted to have more things to heal and provide buffs, counter debuffs, than just the one painkiller tablet, vitamins and first aid bandage. So I created some items to add to the linkage feeling between these.

Remarks :

As a biologist by drugs I mean substance that activate metabolic mechanisms. Not real drugs like THC or those. Drugs are bad m'kay ? Don't do drugs kids. (I mean do what you want I'm joking peeps, I know some drugs are used as medical assistance in hospital bla bla)(just don't kill people while under drugs m'kay ? Drugs are bad m'kay ?)

The mod have been tested by me, in my new world, as you see in the screenshots, pills and tablets can appear in traders inventories and in containers. All the medical, trash, trash bins, and med piles can give you these, with a lower probability than vanilla meds, this is done on purpose.
I may add more, maybe Fallout style drugs like Hydra or something, I will see what I can do with buffs and debuffs.

Plans :
Add more medication and maybe some more drugs (real ones I mean this time). More aloe based things might also come in the next updates.

Updates History :

12/05/2023 : 1.1 : Updated to A21, and added Aloe Vera gel, which is a drinkable medication. Fixed recipes, items, and progression through medical magazines.
09/17/2021 : 1.0 : First Release for A19.

Simple description :

You can now craft and find 4 items and find 2 more in loot, related to Physician perk. You'll have 2 new bandages, and 4 meds to find and use.

As all my mods english and french are included, but if you are from another country and want to translate my mod you are welcome to do so and will be credited for it.

Technical stuff :

For this mod I made a new buff. This buff has been tested, it appears on the left side of the screen and seems to work well. I already fixed it while testing, but if anything, just report a bug. I didn't tested all the possible interaction with other buff items in the game. Just the main science and medical ones.

The mods is also integrated on Twitch mechanic, you can stream with my mod and your viewers will be able to make my items spawn for you.
This mod is mainly made to be a companion of my Little Tweaks and my Cooking mod, play as 50% loot. But you can do whatever you want with it, it's your pleasure to play as you wish, and it's my pleasure to provide mods for you to play with.

Items and Recipes :
/!\ Stats have changed in A21 for
Regeneration Stimulators and Hunger Pills !

Aloe Bandage - Does not restore health, heals abrasion 200% faster, stops bleeding :

1 normal bandage + 2 aloe leaves => removed 2 cloth units recipe in A21
Can be used on others, available from the start

Honey Bandage (Don't Starve easter egg) - Restore 15 health, does not heal abrasions, but counter 2% infection, stops bleeding :
1 normal bandage + 1 honey => removed 2 cloth units recipe in A21
Can be used on others, available from the start

Antidiarrhea Tablet - Protects or heals 40% dysentery, adds 15% better digestion like Red Tea - Can be crafted at campfire (requires beaker) or chem station :
3 fibers (2 at chem station) + 3 nitrate powder units (2 at chem station) + 2 Goldenrod Flowers
Requires Physician level 1 => Crafting Medical 5 magazines

Healing Tablet - Restore 10 health instantly + 10 health over time, adds a 30% better digestion buff - Can be craft at campfire or chem station like the above :

3 coal units (2 at chem station) + 3 nitrate powder units (2 at chem station) + 2 Chrysanthemums
Requires Physician level 1 => Crafting Medical 5 magazines, no cooldown, takes away 20 Hydration

Regeneration Stimulators - Not craftable - Restores 20 40 health instantly and 20 40 health over time :
No cooldown, it's the more powerful version of the above med without digestion effect, takes away 20 Hydration and 40 Hunger (in A21)

Hunger Pills - Not craftable - Restores 50 30 Hunger but takes away 20 10 Hydration :

No cooldown, rare pills, does not restore health either

Aloe Vera Drinking Gel - Restores 40 Hydration and 10 Health :
8 aloe leaves + 4 fibers
Requires Crafting Medical 10 magazines, somewhat rare drink in medical loot groups, takes away 20 Hunger
(Description says "nurishing" but in term of amino-acids, which participate in healing you a bit, but in return makes you crave for food because pure aloe gel is a little hard to swallow)

You can also find both schematics for the craftable tablets requiring Physician perk, anywhere you find other schematics. Including traders. (Only in A19)

Tools used :
PhotoFiltre 7 for tints and colors, cuts, masks and more.

Credits go to Fun Pimps as usual.

My other mods :
See my User Files.


I now have a Paypal account. Some of you here and there told me they wanted to donate but I refused several times. Why did I changed my mind ? Well, I think it is important to let people who want to donate, do it. So I let the link here and people who want to can donate. But. Think of it. Some charity may need money. If you have money to spend, you may think of donating to charity instead. Otherwise if you really want to you can donate to me.