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Always wanted to see the Space Shuttle up close? Here's your chance!

Find and fight your way through this prefab, find hidden secrets and reach the cockpit and cargo of the Spaceshuttle as it's ready for takeoff.

Permissions and credits
A large prefab for 7 Days To Die 
- Dungeon-style playthrough
- Tier 5 quest
- 100% vanilla blocks
- Mandatory electricity (tool + battery) needed to enter the prefab.
WARNING: Electricity is tested extensively in-game in singleplayer mode. Testing of the electricity online / on a server is pending!

Unpack the  SpaceshuttleA20_3__ELECTRICITY_NEEDED_.zip   in       ...../7 Days To Die/Data/Prefabs/POI
Unpack the Mods.zip in ...../7 Days To Die     (the Mods folder may be a newly to make folder, so after installing it will be something like ...../7 Days To Die/Mods)

Currently RWG-only
Tested by me and some friends in random generated 6k, 8k and 10k maps: 
- Nitrogen and Kinggen don't work atm, only a A20 experimental RWG-version 
- This large prefab didn't always spawn correctly in RWG A19, but A20 seems to be a lot better.
-  Feel free to report any issues in the 'Bugs'-section on Nexus or leave a comment.

Changes A20 stable --> A20.3
- A20.3 workaround:  damaged cellar door --> undamaged cellar door
- Zeds should now attack you underneath the engines of the Shuttle

- Slightly better performance due to less smoke, lights-tweaking, slightly less loot
- Difficult to find sleepers set to 'quest exclude' 
- Surroundings of the building are upgraded quite a lot (added vanilla 'parts' + new army truck + new crane. Made entrance to watchtowers less easy).
- Better pathing to some secrets
- It's now better possible - but not easy at all - to complete the prefab fully stealthy (highest stealth levels required because of zeds set to 'attack'). Added a new stealthy path on the launch platform of the Shuttle.

*How to almost instantly find the new added prefab in-game*
Press F1 + type 'dm' (without the quotes) + enter + esc + esc + click option 'Open POI teleporter' + type 'space' in the search-box + click on the 'SpaceShuttle......' and spawn in-game directly next to  the prefab! :-)

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Feel free to change this prefab to your preferences.

HAVE FUN playing!