7 Days To Die
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Decreases the overall amount of experience required to level which both allows for a higher gamestage sooner which makes the game more challenging as well as allows for more perks "sooner" without going over one perk per level. Max level also increased to 1000 for gamestage achievement.

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There are a few reasons behind this mod: one is that there's achievements in Steam for higher gamestages, the highest being for gamestage 1000, which is nearly impossible to reach in Vanilla Alpha 19.  Another is that after hitting the higher levels, the need for multiple perk points to take one rank of an attribute as well as the leveling curve that requires more experience to reach a new level means grinding just to increase your level several times for one attribute increase.

There are two other ways around this: manually set the gamestage higher and play from there, or use a mod which gives multiple perk points for one level.  I chose a different route here.

What this mod does is: 1) halves the default exp_to_level amount from 10000 to 5000, so that you'll hit higher levels sooner, which means higher difficulty sooner as the gamestage will likewise increase with your level, 2) increases the max_level to 1000 so that there's a chance down the line if you play long enough to reach the gamestage 1000 point without as much grind as Vanilla requires while still being a challenge, and 3) specifically limits the skill_point_per_level to 1 so that it doesn't artificially increase your skills and abilities past your actual level.  This has the effect of actually making the game more difficult, since you'll be leveling faster while killing fewer zombies, looting fewer containers and finding gear, and mining fewer resources.  Also, if you want to eventually make use of having more perk points at the higher levels (since if you manage to reach that level 1000, you'd probably have around 600 spare perk points), I'd recommend using one or more of the additional perk mods that are available, such as Lam's mod master and the 14 new perk trees and/or Custom Perks - Prestige Skills.  I'm running all of the above at the same time as this mod and all of it appears to be functioning correctly.

As a warning, all of the changes in this mod are made to the progression.xml file.  It is possible for something to overwrite it, and I have not tried using it in conjunction with any of the major overhaul mods such as Darkness Falls; I do not know how they would interact.  This mod does load after Lam's mods (with the exception of the Crafting Tier perk mod) and the Custom Perks mod and works with them; I do not know if that would be enough for it to work with Darkness Falls or other overhauls.

Verified working with Alpha 19.3 Stable; should work with the latest experimental, but I have not tested it.