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I bought Fallout 4 and a month disappeared. I'm still here I promise.

I'm going to keep working toward my ideas for this, but if anybody else wants to use the code I'm maintaining it here:

Replaces all combat with Gwent. Works with existing saves and should yield the same experience and loot from killing an enemy, allowing for drop-in installation/uninstallation. Has basic scaling. The campaign should be fully playable.


Use mod manager, or unpack zip file to "The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\mods".

Allow Geralt to build onto his starting deck purely through combat until he becomes a card master.

0.2 - Added basic scaling system and better recognition of enemies. The decks do slightly scale on selected game difficulty, so be aware of that. The campaign should be fully playable.
0.1 - Gwent game is triggered by an enemy or the player taking damage. Enemy deck is fully randomized. On win, all enemies within 30 units are killed. On loss, player dies.

ROADMAP (preliminary)
0.3 - Develop tiered loot table for cards. Scale drops based on total level of enemies in duel range. This should decouple this mod from relying on the normal Gwent progression system.
0.4 - Modify economy to be card focused. Potentially put "booster packs" in shops.
0.5 - Add special drops for significant bosses.
0.6 - Develop system to generate new cards/decks for a more smoothly scaled experience.