Mixed Mods
The mods are compatible with 1.4 and less
will try to make it work on 1.5 once i find a mod for 1.5 vers
Mod List : Cars And Characters, Visual Mod, Lens Flare, and No intro
Deluxe New Game Plus Savegames with Extra Unlocks and Max Notoriety
Save that take place early in game (the main story is at the mission just after open your world) with all but one skill unlocked (including the online skills) and the following rare items acquired: Boxberg LE, Vespid LE, Sayanora LE, Piledriver, Wildfire, Spec Ops Goblin, Chrome. This is my expansion on chikawowwow's New Game Plus Save on nex
Watch Dogs ConfigTool
With this small software you can run Watch Dogs in the way you want, with all required settings.
The LON3R SweetFX preset
Inspired by the hard edges and extreme dynamic light in the "A10n3" digital trip, this sweetfx preset is a harder, less colorful take on watch_dogs
Ultimate Car On Demand mod
Unlocks several cars in Car on demand application
New Game Plus Savegames
3 sets of savegames for a new game plus workaround.
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