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Added: 20/12/2013 - 07:52AM
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Last updated at 7:15, 1 Mar 2014 Uploaded at 7:52, 20 Dec 2013

This is the early beta of my gun crafting mod. It currently has all the main types of guns, and all rarities that the game accepts. Along with this is the ability to craft the following gun types:
Assault Rifles
Plasma Assault Rifles
Plasma Pistols
Machine Pistols
Plasma Machine Pistols
Plasma Shotguns
Sniper Rifles
Plasma Sniper Rifle
Rocket Launchers
Lightning Coils
Grenade Launchers
These guns can be crafted from levels 1 through level 9, excepting some which only go to 6 or so, for some reason I've yet to find.

And because I'm silly, I forgot to include instructions on increasing the gun level.

In order to craft higher-level weapons, you use the same number of tokens as the level of gun you want. So level 5 would need 5 tokens, level 3 would need 3 tokens, etc.

If you have issues downloading from here, here are alternate links:

And many thanks to ejh1990 for figuring out the correct syntax for a difficult bit of essential code!