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Last updated at 2:15, 24 Apr 2017 Uploaded at 3:35, 21 Apr 2017

This is a simple, vibrant and performance-friendly ENB-Reshade preset for Dolomite Weathers. As dolomite already includes some ENB-like features I decided to keep the visual effects on Reshade's side and use ENB only for stability increasing and Depth Of Field. The preset overall provides very nice visuals for Dolomite users who like a beautiful look while staying with common FPS. Might also work fine for other weather mods. This also fixes the bad blurry textures usually caused by enabled TAA, so this preset is supposed to be used with TAA enabled.

Actually I made this for my personal use as I couldn't find any ENB or Reshade preset which satisfied my personal taste. However, a friend of mine asked me for publishing it, so I did :-)


  • Colourfulness
  • Curves
  • Levels
  • LumaSharpen
  • Dynamic Depth Of Field (ENB)
  • A well adjusted look between dark and bright colors, shadows and lights
  • Darker interiors
  • Shiny and realistic colors
  • Not overworked (like oversaturation, etc)
  • provides stability through ENBoost method:
  • Vsync and 60 FPS cap (needed for the game's physics to work correctly)
  • Great performance

This preset doesn't (over)saturate the existing colors! They will just slightly be enhanced, so the overall look will be very similar to the coloring bevor enabling this preset. Its main goal is to provide a sharper and clear image, including a dynamic and nice Depth Of Field plus enjoy quality Temporal Anti-Aliasing without textures looking like coming straight out of the Washing machine! If you like the look of mods like Dolomite Weathers, Vivid Weathers, etc, somewhere between the natural and vibrant colouring - also keep the performance - this might be a preset for you.

The preset darkens interiors as well as dungeons to a very acceptable level (means: not too much. It's just a little more contrast) - but this depends really on your personal mod setup. In example I use "ELE+RS" and "Dynamic Immersive Seriously Dark Dungeons" additional to Dolomite Weathers. In case you're using ELFX-Enhancer (and/or Hardcore), it might be a little darker inside, but should be still ok as my preset doesn't "overhaul" the darkness. To be more specific it adjusts the overall contrast and the differences between dark and bright colors to a more "clarified" look, which makes days - mostly on sunny weather - look shiny and interiors are dark where no light should be (according to lightning sources). Also I avoided the preset to have kind of a "red shine" near fires, what I've seen on many Reshade presets. My other main focus is on performance. But please keep in mind that my preset DOES NOT increase your performance! It just doesn't impact it in any way.
The ENB is less used for visual effects but for stability tweaking and as the only visual addition: Depth Of Field. Thanks to Marty McFly it's a nice and dynamic DOF effect, not too much and not that lame like the vanilla one. The ENB also makes the game capped at 60 FPS and prevents screen tearing via ENBoost method. This gives slightly better peformance than vanilla ingame vsync.

(I noticed that screenshot quality has been decreased by uploading and auto-convert. WIll upload some new ones soon)



The Reshade and ENB binaries
My preset files
Skyrim TAA setting
Disable grass shadows (there is a better way)
Disable ingame Vsync (is handled by ENB, read initial text above)


The preset was made with TAA enabled. To overcome the blurish textures when TAA is enabled the preset comes with a carefully adjusted LumaSharpen setting so your textures will be sharp again, but not too sharp, while enjoying HQ Antialiasing. This looks much better than FXAA or even disabled AA. While most ENB presets (as some Reshade presets too) will take a few FPS - depending on your rig - Dolo RShade won't hit your performance in any way! If you're able to run Skyrim SE smooth with preferable high or ultra settings + TAA enabled, then this preset is for you. Of course you could use lower settings too, but I highly recommend to use TAA as Dolo RShade will look way "too sharp" without it. If you want to use my preset anyways, even with TAA disabled, just press SHIFT+F2 ingame, under SETTINGS tab change "Performance Mode" to "Configuration Mode" and then in the CONFIGURATION tab adjust LUMASHARPEN to your liking or just completely disable it.
I also recommend some of the beautiful texture replacer mods to get a nice look. However; that's anybody's individual taste :-)

*All my screenots were taken with Dolomite Weathers, ELE + Relighting Skyrim, texture replacers, Realistic Water Two and my Reshade preset.


1. Download Reshade 3 from here

2. Download latest ENB binaries from here

3. Run the downloaded Reshade setup file, select game (browse to your Skyrim executable), choose Directx 10/11+, select "NO" when it asks for download shaders and close the setup

4. Open the downloaded ENB archive and from the "wrapper-version" folder, grab ONLY these two file: "d3d11.dll", "
d3dcompiler_46e" and copy them into your Skyrim SE root directory (where the SkyrimSE.exe can be found)

5. Unpack SkySE Dolo RShade archive and put the content into your Skyrim root folder (where the SkyrimSE.exe can be found). Overwrite if requested.

6. Run the Skyrim launcher, select settings and enable TAA (Antialiasing)

7. IMPORTANT! Open SkyrimPrefs.ini (can be found in ..\Documents\My Games\Skyrim Special Edition) and make sure the following entries, are like this (just find each line via search function):

iVSyncPresentInterval = 0

bDoDepthOfField = 0

fGamma = 1.0000

bTreesReceiveShadows = 1

bShadowsOnGrass = 0

6. Now open Skyrim.ini (same directory) and add this under [Display] below the other entries:

fGlobalContrastBoost = -0.2

Save both files and close.

These settings remove the horrible AO effect on grasses and add an alternative, better looking effect. I found this workaround on the Skyrim Flora Overhaul Nexus page!
Also this makes sure the ingame VSync is disabled, so the ENB-side VSync can take place instead.
Ingame DOF will be disabled because the ENB DOF looks much better and doesn't take any extra performance, so we can save a small amount of GPU calculations too (otherwise it would have to calculate both - the ENB- and Ingame-DOF).

7. DISABLE ALL settings (i.e. in your GPU driver software) which are doing the following: FPS limit, VSync 

8. Now run Skyrim and enjoy :-) 

NOTE: To verify that it works just check if you can see the Reshade and ENB initial screen messages in the left upper corner straight after game start (Yes, they overlap each other, that's normal because both effects are being loaded).


To give you an idea of my mod setup, my rig specs and how it works for me according to performance, I list you some of these things here.

These are some of the mods I'm using:
Enhanced Lighting for ENB (ELE)
Relighting Skyrim - SSE
Dynamic Immersive Seriously Dark Dungeons
A lot of texture replacer mods which affects almost everything. I always choose 2K.
Additionally I use many gameplay mods, such as Campfire, Frostfall, INeed, AFT,...

My PC:

AMD FX-6300 3,5 GHZ (Turbo Core Tech. OFF as it causes micro stutter due to freq. drops)
MSI Radeon R9-270X Tri-OC

I'm playing at 50-60 FPS in most exteriors and stable 60 FPS in all interiors.

Some tips:

Don't play with the INI files too much! In many cases this will do more harm than be helpful!
Don't use higher resolution texture replacers than the resolution you're playing with! I.e. If you're playing on a 2K-like resolution, it's pretty useless to install 4K textures as you won't really see the difference and it only drops your FPS.
Depending on your amount of RAM keep an eye on applications running in background. If your memory is completely used by several programs, Skyrim will begin stuttering. Just close unused applications before playing.
Don't eat steak and strawberry pie together!


  • added ENB files:
  • stability (vsync, FPS cap)
  • depth of field
  • fixed a small bug with decreased initial loading times

  • initial release

Thank you for using my preset! I hope you like it!
Credits to the Reshade team for its great framework!
Credits to Marty McFly for his great DOF effects ENB shaders!
Credits to Boris Vorontsov for ENB!

Also many thanks to the great modding community and Bethesda for this never-dying and epic game!!