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Last updated at 17:39, 22 May 2017 Uploaded at 3:35, 21 Apr 2017

SkySE Dolo DoF

Improved Vanilla Depth of Field!

It's a simple dynamic Depth of Field mod. It uses the vanilla DoF and enhances its settings to a more deep DoF effect, close to the ENB but - as said with Vanilla assets - less to not performance hungry overall.

SkySE Dolo RShade

This is a simple and performance-friendly ENB-Reshade preset for Dolomite Weathers, but can be used with vanilla or any other weather mod too.
Dolomite Weathers is a GREAT weather mod and "ENB-like" feature mod at the same time! It includes nice lightning effects, covers all weathers and provides great snow as well as rain effects. So Dolomite Weathers already provides great visuals without the need of an heavy-graphics-ENB. That's why I decided to keep the smaller visual changes from this preset on Reshade's side and use ENB only for Depth Of Field and slightly increased Bokeh effects. It also fixes the bad blurry textures usually caused by enabled TAA, so this preset can be used with TAA enabled, if your rig can handle it well (Actually TAA doesn't eat that much performance on mid-spec computers).
For an overall better look with sharp textures (but less AA) use only FXAA and additional SMAA from driver or programs like RadeonPro (not sure if this works with NVIDIA cards, but there might be another tool available - I own a Radeon RX480 card).

Additional info: Looks also great with Climates of Tamriel. CoT has some great Godrays and lightning effects which are somehow better as Dolomite provide. But the light changing effects in Dolomite are even greater, specially when stepping out of the shadows in sunny weather. At the end it's a matter of taste though.

Comes in four tastes! The VibeMix Lightning preset is ONLY for DOlomite, ELE, RS for now!

Actually I made this for my personal use, published it by request


SkySE Dolo DoF

  • Uses vanilla DoF
  • Enhanced to a more deep effect
  • absolutely performance friendly as it doesn't implement anything new - just enhanced Vanilla DoF settings, but nice ;)

SkySE Dolo RShade VibeMix

  • BETA
  • includes DoF Mod
  • a vibrant colouring and lightning preset
  • Custom Ambient Occlusion with MXAO - no noticeable performance impact!
  • MXAO is adjusted with vanilla AO in mind, so you can leave it enbaled if you want.
  • No Reshade ambient lightning effect
  • the light effect is processed through DPX shader, without too much saturation, just to enlight light sources more realistic without performance hit
  • global colouring tweaker with slightly deeper contrast and a little saturation
  • keeps your personal brightness settings and tweaks the black and white colors to a deeper level
  • makes the illusions of better "glowing" lights
  • includes tweaks to lower the very bright snow in sunlight encoutered with Dolomite Weathers
  • should be used with Dolomite Weathers + ELE + Relighting Skyrim - OR - Dolomite Weathers + ELFX+Enhancer (NO Hardcore).

This is my attempt to make a beautiful Reshade preset with better light effects and to overcome some in my opinion too bright colors with Dolomite Weathers in sunlight.

SkySE Dolo RShade

  • 3 Versions: 
  • Reshade + ENB (Natural)
  • Reshade Vibrant Lightning
  • Reshade Sharpness Only

All presets can be used whether with TAA or FXAA. TAA provides the best Anti Aliasing while being a little less sharp overall and impacts performance more than FXAA. I recommend using TAA for the best quality. For a small performance improvement use FXAA + driver SMAA (or similar)

Reshade + ENB Version - NATURAL PRESET

  • Used effects from Reshade: Colourfulness, Curves, Levels, LumaSharpen
  • Dynamic Depth Of Field (ENB)
  • Bokeh Effects (ENB)
  • Slightly darker interiors
  • Not overworked (like oversaturation, etc)
  • provided stability through ENB method:
  • Vsync and 60 FPS cap (needed for the game's physics to work correctly)
  • Great performance
  • Performance cost on slower computers: ~ 2-3 FPS

Reshade Vibrant Lightning - VIBRANT PRESET

  • Used effects: Colourfulness, Levels, LumaSharpen, Tonemap
  • Best quality and performance, recommend for use with FXAA (and driver AA if available)
  • Best results with ELE + RS (Enhanced Lightning for ENB + Relighting Skyrim)
  • Fine adjusted colouring, lighting and shadows
  • Darker interiors and nights
  • Colours more vibrant and saturated
  • Not overworked (but though a matter of taste)
  • Performance cost on slower computers: ~ 1-2 FPS


  • Used effect: Lumasharpen
  • This preset is very simple. It only sharpens the picture to provide a clear image
  • No color changes, no ENB.
  • No VSYNC and FPS cap: You need to enable this via driver setting (ingame VSYNC is not recommend as it eats up to 20(!!!) FPS overall (at least for me!)
  • Performance cost on slower computers: None

(I noticed that screenshot quality has been decreased by uploading and auto-convert. More screenshots are in the header at the top of this page)

---> SCREENSHOTS GALLERY (Mixed, Dolomite)
---> RAINY, COLD AND INTERIOR (ENB+Reshade + Dolomite)
---> DoF MOD (Used with Vibrant preset) (Vibrant preset + DoF Mod + CoT)

**More mixed screenshots can be found at the top of this page






  • updated VibeMix now with performance-friendly MXAO

  • added new VibeMix preset
  • updated VibeMix preset with some fixes

  • added SkySE Dolo DoF Mod
  • added more screenshots (DoF, CoT)

  • fixed reddish color shine in vibrant version
  • fixed Reshade effects compiling error on game startup in ENB-Reshade version

  • added new vibrant preset version
  • fixed reshade missing shaders
  • better instructions

  • removed dxgi.ini file
  • added seperate Reshade only preset (only sharpening)
  • added better installation instructions
  • added more screenshots
  • fixed and improved DOF
  • enhanced BOKEH effect
  • added related enb files


  • added more screenshots to header
  • added ENB files:
  • stability (vsync, FPS cap)
  • depth of field
  • fixed a small bug with decreased initial loading times

  • initial release

Thank you for using my preset! I hope you like it!
Credits to the Reshade team for its great framework!
Credits to Marty McFly for his great DOF effects ENB shaders!
Credits to Boris Vorontsov for ENB!

Also many thanks to the great modding community and Bethesda for this never-dying and epic game!!