• More Salt for Skyrim

    More Salt is a mod that significantly increases the quantity of random salt pile sold from merchants selling food or loot obtained from food containers.

    uploaded 15:07, 12 Aug 2012 11,472 403 1kb szilellis

  • Shield of Eleidons Ward for Skyrim

    Adds "Eleidon's Ward" to the game. It is located at Hillgrund's Tomb, at the end of the tomb after the necromancer boss fight. The shield was originally an item in TES III: Morrowind, In this version the shield provides an active defense simular to the spellbreaker, as well as a magic resistance buff. It also provides a greater power that lets

    uploaded 13:50, 12 Aug 2012 758 29 1,193kb _Rahvin_

  • female automorph tool 3d max for Skyrim

    based on so much morpher, but some code are rewritten and this one actually works!
    implemented with calientes female body(only female)
    unp version added!
    Caliente version added!
    CHSBH version added
    UnpB version added!

    some investigations was made and u can indeed use unp clothes to morph around unpb body,, but.. afterwards u need to delet

    uploaded 13:38, 12 Aug 2012 2,856 71 1,681kb theru

  • Enchanted item name fix for Skyrim

    Fixes problem when u can`t your name with compound words (names contain spaces)

    uploaded 13:28, 12 Aug 2012 239 7 33kb Dracon15

  • Mysterious Room for Skyrim

    A Mysterious Room near the Mages College has appeared.

    uploaded 12:46, 12 Aug 2012 190 2 18,158kb NaviSirus

  • Vampire Lord Style Vampiric Grip and Drain spells for Skyrim

    Makes the Vampire lord's Vampiric grip power available out of Vampire Lord form..
    Does not require you to be a vampire

    uploaded 12:40, 12 Aug 2012 12,160 279 3kb watcher2030

  • Malkavs Collection _70 boxes to find_ DV for Skyrim

    This is the german translation of the Mod "Malkavs Collection _70 boxes to find ", you don´t need the original Mod.

    uploaded 11:37, 12 Aug 2012 211 3 22,223kb haevenshallburn

  • Vampire Armor Retextures for Skyrim

    Just retextures the royal, red and black vampire armors as well as the gauntlets, boots, and hood to a darker black, and a more saturated red. Male and female. Requires Dawnguard.

    uploaded 11:17, 12 Aug 2012 6,243 213 4,036kb Faelrin

  • Book Lovers List for Skyrim

    Excel spreadsheet for book lovers. Includes list of all the books in Skyrim (from the wiki), a checkbox column to mark when the book is found (which then shows the locations where the book can be found) along with a letter distribution analysis pivot table.

    uploaded 10:11, 12 Aug 2012 244 9 139kb Sollar

  • Reienforcments Army Guards for Skyrim

    Small mod for those people who like to garrison taken over forts and towers with soldiers

    Adds command for spawning Soldiers from every hold in any place you wish. They will help player in need no matter who would atack him. Even protect player from own commrades. Spawned soldiers wont dissapair until they die or player uses command to disable t

    uploaded 10:09, 12 Aug 2012 2,075 39 4kb IgnacyOrder

  • Arvak Colors for Skyrim

    Adds several new colors for Arvak.

    uploaded 9:57, 12 Aug 2012 698 26 14,487kb sanguine6

  • Wood Race for Skyrim

    Adds Wood Race to your skyrim

    uploaded 9:56, 12 Aug 2012 2,474 22 1,906kb Cathysin