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About this mod

This mod alters the appearance and worn armor of Skyrim's couriers.

Permissions and credits
Why this mod?
This mod was requested by SparrowBlack on the nexus forums, I liked the idea and decided to put an end to the milkdrinker couriers. If you want to deliver messages across Skyrim, you better be prepared to defend that message from all of its perils.

What does this mod do?
This mod changes the armors couriers wear to some of the armors from the Immersive Armors mod by Hothtrooper44.
It also changes their facial features and facial hair. 

The immersive armors team - for making the armor sets and allowing me to use them.
Valkasha - for making the mod

Installation instructions
Simply download and install, overwrite everything.
Download and extract into your Skyrim folder, overwrite everything.
LOOT will generally put it in the right order, if the changes aren't appearing for you it means you have a mod that makes changes to couriers loaded below it. This could be an ITM or dirty edit. Here's a video by Gopher on how to clean your mods: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fw3g_N1jcZQ

Important notes:
-This mod requires you to install the immersive armor mod first.
-This mod does NOT change the imperial and stormcloak couriers for immersion reasons.
-If you have suggestions or questions, leave them in the comment section, don't send me personal messages unless it's private,  I am always open to them, just keep it polite and friendly.