Customizable UI Replacer by Elxdark and BrendanW
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Added: 15/03/2017 - 11:45PM
Updated: 23/03/2017 - 10:52PM

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Last updated at 22:52, 23 Mar 2017 Uploaded at 23:45, 15 Mar 2017

Don't Forget to Endorse and Vote (Special UI Design if we make 1st Place)
Edit* We've Made 1st Place but we must maintain the Position until the End of the Month, Good work Guys keep it up ;)
"Texture Fixes are coming ;)" Brendan W + More Features

ALSO i am Looking for a Team of Modder's to do a Massive UI overhaul includes inventory systems,perk menu etc.

 There will be a Big mod coming out later this year "Dark Souls Mega Adventure" Professionally made Dark Souls Adventure.

If you'd like to design some banners for us that is also up for grabs, pop onto the discord and show us what you got

Also Suggestions/Concept Designs are welcome with all of this mod + future mods
so if you'd like to participate feel free to message me on the discord. 

Edit* 19/03/2017 New UI Revamp Incoming
 Upcoming Features
- Shout Animation
- Compass
- Soul Quick Menu Re-texture
- More Covenants
- Experience Bar
- Durability Bars
- HD Textures
- Mega Hud Overhaul (Far Future)
-Dragon Age Inquisition Style Map + Markers
- New Custom Map Markers
- Better Page Banners + Screenshots + Videos (these 5 minute banner designs need to go)
- It just keeps coming ;)
More Features to be Announced Later - BrendanW

"Not my Work BrendanW 2017" But
Credit: Grim Dawn 

Added Elder Scrolls Online Icon Option (20/03/2017)

Credit: Zenimax Studios/Bethesda
This mod appears as an attempt to simulate an amazing UI configuration from a youtuber 'Er Hong'. please watch his videos they're amazing :)
So you're probably wondering what does this mod do? well it's very simple. this mod modifies the .swf files from 3 popular mods LESS INTRUSIVE HUD, A MATTER OF TIME, and Lock-On by himika.

This is not only a custom replacer, by downloading this mod you will also get my personal FISS files and coordinated from mods that don't have FISS, the idea is that you replace your UI and get my custom placement around the interface which you can change to whatever and whenever you want if you don't like it.

Credit: JHS

-> New Custom Health/Stamina/Magicka Bars.
-> Replaces Perk Menu Health/Stamina/Magicka Bars
-> Custom Enemy Health bar
-> Replaces Astrolabed Texture from A MATTER OF TIME
-> Custom Placement for the whole UI
-> New DS3 Inspired Lock-on Retexture

Upcoming Features

-> Dark Souls Series
-> Guild Wars 2
-> Diablo Series
-> Minimal HuD Support
-> More Resolution Support
-> Custom EFF UI/Floating Health bars UI/ Support
-> Fomod
-> Animated UI
-> Skyui Active_Effects Retextures
-> New Experience Bar
-> New Loading Screen Design
And much much more to come!!

-SKSE 1.7.3
-SKYUI 5.1
-Less Intrusive Hud (and grab the FISS optional, very important!)
-A Matter of Time
-Extended UI (optional)
-Loot and degradation (optional)
-Lock- On by himika - stradivuckos (optional)
-Souls Quick Menu(Optional)

- Just download the main file which contains the base mod/FISS settings/screenshots of placement(IMPORTANT) overwrite the mods from the requirement.
- You can also download the optional files which contains different placements/textures.

- After that you need to load the FISS presets in each MCM menu (A Matter of Time and Less Intrusive Hud)

- It's compatible with every mod that doesn't edit the hudmenu.swf or hudmenu.gtx and Lock-On textures.
- Compatible with any other UI mod like iHud.
- All the config and presets are for 1920x1080 resolution , that means that my personal settings may look wrong in your screen.

- I love this mod but Mr Elxdark what else is to come?
I'm glad you asked because there is some more Custom Designs coming, just wait a bit.

- Is Minimal Hud compatible?
For the moment it isn't, I'll try to get a Minimal Hud preset as soon as I can, stay tuned.

- I don't know what to download help please!
The main file consists of everything you'll need which means the base mod + FISS files for custom UI placement, and the optional files are only different textures for bars includes Witcher Medallion and DSIII Blade of the Darkmoon

- Will you add more content in the future?
Of course, that's the main goal. I'm going to accept any request you have aslong as it's in my skill range.

-Is this mod compatible with Skyrim Special Edition?
Not until SKSE64 comes out.

-Lordconti2 - MINIMAL HUD
-Skyamigo - A MATTER OF TIME
-Stradivuckos/Himika - Lock-On by himika
-Er hong for your inspirational youtube videos
-BrendanW for the page design/banners/lock-on texture/ideas/DSHud/NewShoutAnimation/Textures <--- Discord if you have any questions/suggestions

Please go download and endorse those mods!