The Mudcrab Merchant- Dunmer Culture pt.2 (mihail immersive add-ons - solstheim - morrowind) by Mihail Romanov
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by Mihail Romanov &


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video by S.Silin

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This mod is part of the Dunmer Culture Saga, a series of mods that have
the goal to bring to your Skyrim's experience more elements from TES 3:
Morrowind and the cultural elements of Dark Elves.
I hope you like it :)

Well, this mod adds a talking mudcrab merchant into a small island close to Damphall Mine on Solstheim. Pretty much like his cousin in Vvardenfell, that also lives in a small landmass, this mudcrab sells a lot of stuff, and are the richest merchant in game, at round 10 k of gold. To maintain things fair and balanced, they do not offer better prices then the other merchants, unlike the crab merchant from TES 3. He is not essential, and his very weak, and of course does not do respawn, so, try to not kill him, and be carefull with dragon attacks. But they lives far away from the landmass of Solstheim, so, no much dangers there. He does not belong to the crabe race of Morrowind and Vvanderfell, cus on Solstheim that race does not exist, so, he belongs to the race of Solstheim Mudcrabs, very similar with the ones from Skyrim, but covered with ash, or with ash color shells. He is custom voiced, and has almost the same dialogues from Morrowind, and he buys and sells pretty much everything (also stolen items), but his inventory his levelled, so, fair and balanced. He is pretty much an easter egg.


- small tent of the mudcrab merchant, with very nice looking

- more lore from morrowind

- a very rich and usefull merchant

- The last Skyrim Update

- DLC Dragonborn
- DLC Dawnguard
- DLC Hearthfire

No incompatibilities

This mod is part of the Dunmer Culture Saga, a series of mods that have
the goal to bring to your Skyrim's experience more elements from TES 3: Morrowind and the cultural elements of Dark Elves. Take a look in
more mods from this saga released until now:

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A really want to thanks to several modders, because without some of 
their meshes and textures, that mod wouldn't exist. :)
There's the list, with my sincere thanks:

LoneNorseman from MihailMods team (crab merchant voice)
I used the already mounted assets of stuff from the resource
packs of lolikyonyu and Oaristys
for the crab tent

- Mihail Romanov

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