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Thane Weapons Reborn is a mod which makes the Thane reward weapons truly unique with brand new models and equally unique abilities. Each hold now offers a reward more befitting the Dragonborn Thane and more styled to the hold itself. Each weapon has 4 leveled versions (lvl 1 (steel), lvl15(dwarven), lvl30(glass), lvl45(ebony)) along with special scripted abilities and enhanced enchantment charge count. Each weapon is left  unenchanted however so the player can customize them as seen fit but still get a high charge count. Each weapon also possesses the silver weapon perk.

Hearthfires is required for this mod only because of USLEEP's fixes made to the favor quests which are carried forward by this mod. USLEEP however is
not required.
How to use this mod:
This mod simply replaces the rewards given with Thanedom, if you already have some of the Thane rewards and want to replace them with the new ones, simply press ` to open console and type SETSTAGE TWR_QUEST 20. This will check which holds you are currently a Thane in and award you the unique reward from each hold you are Thane of. The old versions can simply be sold, disenchanted, or tossed if you still have them.

NOTE: if you have used your "get out of jail free" card for a hold, the stage set command to detect Thanedom and get weapons may not work and you
will have to console in copies instead or use console to COC QASMOKE and find the chest at the end of the hall containing all the items.
When you obtain the weapons they will be powered to your given level. When you reach level 15, 30 or 45 you can use any forge to rebuild the weapon into one matching the next benchmark level. You can also convert the greatsword of solitude into a 1 handed version which has a power that works in combination with the shield of solitude.
This mod is 100% USLEEP ready and carries forward all relevant changes. Allow Thane Weapons Reborn to overwrite all other entries that have not
been carried forward into this mod from USLEEP. TWR will conflict with any other mod which alters the Thane favor quests, so ensure to load this mod after those. Also feel free to post if a significant conflict is found which should be addressed with a patch.

Additionally Improved Artifacts Collection specifically the Thane Weapons Improved option will directly conflict with this mod, so either load this after IAC to get these custom weapons, or install IAC's separate packages and leave out the thane weapons improved module.

Also Morrowloot will conflict as well since it alters the leveled lists so much, so TWR should also be loaded after that.

Know Issues:
If you are installing TWR on a game in progress, there are a couple things to be aware of. Firstly because of how the Riften Thane quest operates mechanically, you will not get the Riften daggers when completing the quest because the reward for the quest is established at GAME START. Use the console command listed above to swap your reward for the proper one, or console in a copy. Also if you install mid playthrough and are currently on any Thane quests, these will also fail to deliver the proper item and you should also use the stage above.

To install, simply use NMM or MO and install from the downloadable archive file, or extract it's contents into your /Data folder if using this manually. To upgrade, simply repeat this process with a newer version. Updating is 100% possible between versions and should not require any special actions other than updating your installed mod. To remove simply uninstall using NMM or MO, or delete the following folders and files:

/Meshes/Thane Weapons Reborn
/Textures/Thane Weapons Reborn
/Scripts/TWR_ (all files starting with TWR_)
/Scripts/Source/TWR_ (all files starting with TWR_)

Thanks to Pelopida for texturing the sword of Whiterun and fixing the mesh for the axe of Windhelm. All other models, textures and scripts by Icecreamassassin.

Thanks to Micromegasta for making the new title logo

Thank you to InsanitySorrow for use of his Shield of Solitude replacer

And a thanks to all those who volunteered to make translations for this mod!

Please ask permission before using these assets. I'm pretty open to sharing but would like to hear what you have in mind first. Also DO NOT distribute this mod on Steam or any other site. The only exception are for translations. Just let me know first.
Thanks, and enjoy!
The Sword of Whiterun
Ability: Bane of Numinex: 10% increased fire resistance and 10% enhanced damage to dragons.

The War axe of Windhelm
Ability: Talos’ Protection: 10% resistance to magic and 10%faster health regeneration.

The Bow of Falkreath
Ability: : Storm Strike: 10% chance of calling a lightning strike from the sky (outdoors only) dealing 40 extra damage.

The Hammer of Markarth
Ability: Strength of the Ram: 25% chance to send your opponent reeling from a power attack.

The Battleaxe of Morthal
Ability: Blood Bane’s Ward: 10% extra damage to vampires and 50% resistance to disease.

The Mace of Dawnstar
Ability: Bleed Out: 10% chance target will bleed for and additional 30 damage over 6 seconds.

The Daggers of Riften
Ability: Paralyzing Strike: 5% Chance to paralyze a target when attacking.

The Greatsword of Solitude
Ability: Subdue Foe: 20% chance to disarm and/or seriously stagger a foe when power attacking.
The Sword of Solitude (1 handed version, craftable at at forge using greatsword of solitude)
Ability: Sword and board: 10% chance of disarming a foe when attacking. If used with the shield of solitude, decreases blocked damage by 10% and deals 50% more bash damage

The Staff of Winterhold
Ability: Empower Staff of Winterhold: Once a day power which allows you to change between fireball, chain lightning,
ice storm, dread zombie, and soul trap spells. The staff spells are leveled with your character ranging from 20 damage to 50 damage on the damaging spells.