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In Morrowind, the player could join the Imperial Legion and rise in its ranks, acquiring prestigious titles like Knight Errant, Knight Bachelor and Knight Protector. The player also got awarded armor pieces that set them apart from the common soldiers. This mod draws inspiration from the armor worn by high-ranking Imperial officers in Vvanderfell, and adds three sets of equipment forged in the Imperial style.


- Each equipment set consists of six helmets, one cuirass, one pair of boots, two pairs of bracers, a sword and a shield. Beast races are supported, though they get only four styles of helmet.

- The Knight Protector items have the same stats as their Ebony counterparts. They can be crafted if you have the Ebony Smithing perk.

- The Knight Bachelor items have the same stats as Glass equipment. They can be crafted if you have the Glass Smithing perk.

- The Imperial Spymaster items have the same stats as Knight Bachelor equipment, but are slightly lighter. They can be crafted if you have the Glass Smithing perk.

- A full set of equipment has been placed in Castle Dour, in Solitude. Look for a locked container in the storeroom next to where General Tullius usually is.

Optional Versions:

- Legion Issue Version - High-ranking Imperial Legion and Penitus Oculatus officers are equipped with weapons and armor from this mod.

- Replacer Version - In addition to the changes implemented by the Legion Issue Version, the regular Imperial Legion equipment now uses the models from this mod. All items retain their original stats. Knight Bachelor, Knight Protector, and Imperial Spymaster equipment can still be crafted or looted from the locker in Castle Dour.

- Requested Versions - Variations of the Replacer Version that were requested by other players - a version that replaces armor only for male Imperial soldiers, a version that replaces only the light armor parts for both genders, and a version that replaces only General Tullius' equipment.


This mod uses assets made by several other modders. I thank them for allowing me to use their creations in my mod:

- Four of the helmets, the sword and one of the bracer variants were taken from "Roman Imperial armor and weapons" by Jedo_Dre.
- One of the helmets is from "JoO Imperial Praetorian" by xxxNEOxxx.
- Some boot and bracer textures are based on files from "aMidianBorn Imperial Light and Studded" by CaBaL120.
- The shield is a retexture of "The Imperial Legion" by johnskyrim.

I would like to thank pixelgamerch for showcasing my mod on this Youtube channel.

Many thanks also go to Homercide for creating a FOMOD installer for this file.