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I found most homes in Skyrim to be lacking as far as display and storage are concerned. I wanted something functional (hence the original
name) and visually pleasing. I placed the home outside of Riften as I didn't want to mess around in the town.

The armoury has 10 mannequins and a weapon rack, plaque, and display for each. Numerous custom player storage containers are scattered throughout the home. The latest update comes packed with over a dozen new NPCS, including several master trainers. Please note that there are 3 secret rooms [one per floor] hidden throughout the house. See if you can find them all.

Instructions for moving your family in (changing homes)

1. Make sure you have Hearthfire Multiple Adoption mod by TMPhoenix installed.
2. Go inside and cast Bless Home spell
3. Talk to either your spouse or kids, and tell them to move to the new home.

Hope this helps :)

Hey, folks! Thank you so much for trying my mod, I am floored that I have over 100 downloads. Barring any unforeseen glitches this (1.3) will be my last major update. Thanks to AtomicNewt for all your help and for being my top QC guy.

Huge thanks to those who came before me, and documented their journey. Your experience was invaluable.
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