Retexture Blades Hakama by SirNibbles
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Added: 02/08/2014 - 01:57PM
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Last updated at 0:00, 4 Aug 2014 Uploaded at 13:57, 2 Aug 2014

I simply made a retexture of the mod "Blades Hakama" from atomec to my own preferences.

(it only affects the female variant, the male version was in my opinion already good enough)

I mainly made it for myself but I personally found it working out better then I expected and thought other users may also be interested in it so I decided to upload it.

This mod won't work without the original mod from atomec :  Blades Hakama
It works with either the CBBE body or the UNP body just choose the correct body from the original mod.

To get the items in the game u can go to Riverwood right outside of the sleeping inn, forge them or type in the console: help hakama 
followed by: player.additem (corresponding item code) 1

I added pictures with ENB and without ENB so people can see how it will look like in the vanilla version of skyrim.
Now also uploaded a optional file to get the Hakama like the version from Erza Scarlett from the anime: Fairy Tail.

Note that the Fairy Tail version is a replacer, it doesn't add another hakama just replaces the texture so u can't use both versions.

Credit: atomec for the original mod