Real Moon by Art Murder
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Added: 17/07/2014 - 11:48PM
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Last updated at 21:10, 22 Jul 2014 Uploaded at 23:48, 17 Jul 2014

This is a simple mod that replaces Skyrim's moons with Earth's Moon!
This disables Skyrim's other moon, so it is only the one moon in the sky!
Yes it does included proper waning/waxing phases!
Perfectly in sync with HUD elements like A Matter of Time that track lunar phases,
as well as werewolf mods like Moonlight tails
This mod is designed for realism, for people who want Skyrim to feel more like Earth!

As of now, I suggest you use this with an HD star and galaxy replacer of your choice.
Try this one until I can make my own milk way replacer!
If this mod becomes popular, I will make my very realistic milky way galaxy replacer to match this mod!


Download the Default Install for a quick simple experience, choose either the large and pretty moon size or small and realistic moon size.

You can use the Custom install if you want to be more specific. You can swap which moon this replaces, the size of it, make it replace both moons, or lower the texture quality from 1024 down to 512. I suggest only downloading this if for some reason you are displeased with the Default Install, or you at least know what your doing.


Simply drag and drop the Data folder into your Skyrim folder, merging it with your existing Data Folder. Say yes to all overwrites, and then activate the .ESP

Make SURE it loads BEFORE all weather and climate mods! BOSS/LOOT puts this mod near the very top for me, so this should not be a problem.


Delete "Real Moon.esp" - No need to do anything special in game, if you want to be super safe though, go into an interior cell where you can't see the sky.

Go to Skyrim/Data/Textures/Sky
Delete all files here that contain "masser" (and "secunda " as well if you used the custom install options) in them, and then delete ""


Mod Creator - Art Murder
Original Moon Images - Free Resource (I believe
Bethesda - Creating Skyrim

Contact me for permission to translate or release custom updates to this mod, or to use the moon files. While the original image was from a Free Resource, I did put a lot of effort into shaping them for skyrim and designing a that fit them perfectly.

*Technically not lore friendly.