Throwing Dart - A Silent Range Spell-Weapon for Stealth Characters by Arrythmia91 and MurdermiesteR
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Added: 06/05/2014 - 05:48AM
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Last updated at 1:37, 5 Jul 2014 Uploaded at 5:48, 6 May 2014

So, you're looking for a new ranged weapon? Don't like to use Destruction magic? You want the ability to strike silently from the shadows without all the clunkyness of a bow? Tired of trying mods that add in way more weapons and scripts than you want?

LOOK NO FURTHER! This mod will take care of all your "throwing weapon" desires without all of the excess that other mods employ.

This uses a modified Firebolt spell to silently launch a dart from the caster's hand, with the little white line that follows a fired arrow. It does 20 damage, so it isn't overly powerful. It also costs ZERO MAGICKA and will not affect your Destruction skill level.

As of v1.2, the spells can be learned by crafting the tomes under the MISC section of the forge. The normal Throwing Dart requires an iron dagger and an iron arrow. The Stun Dart is the same, but with a Scroll of Paralysis as an added ingredient. The Poison Dart requires the same, with a Weak Lingering poison as an added ingredient.

v1.3 Now adds Poison Darts! 2 points over 15 seconds!

v1.6 Added a true dart into the mesh

v1.6.1 Optional Magicka use. Based in the Restoration school, as it should be something the body does "naturally" but doesn't progress skill. It does benefit from Restoration Skill level, however, and there's nothing that can be done about that.

Throwing Dart - Base 15 Magicka
Stun Dart - Base 25 Magicka
Poison Dart - Base 25 Magicka

Kinda lore-friendly, but also not. Credit for the original idea comes from MurdermeisteR's "Throwing Star" mod.