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Performance Friendly: Looks good even without the DoF and AO.

This preset is meant to be decidedly unrealistic without sacrificing immersion and without being so far from reality that the game is no longer believable. I started working on this once I got tired of the typical ultra-realistic look for Skyrim that I wanted prior to now.
Crysis 3 to Bioshock Infinite if you will.

Keep in mind that the Enbseries mod does not support any programs that may alter DirectX. This includes, but is not limited to programs like Direct3dOverrider. If your game CTD's (Crash To Desktop) then be sure to turn off any programs that may be altering DirectX. If it still occurs, then its most likely a load order problem.

Recommended Specs: (for high settings preset)
-Quad-Core CPU @ 2GHZ
-GTX 560
-4 gigs RAM 8-12 for a heavily modded game

Alternate Versions:
-Standard (Default): Uses Bloom, Sunglare, and Sunrays (also uses shadows fix). Relatively low performance hit. (no fxaa or lumasharpen)

-Sharper SweetFX preset: Utilizes Lumasharpen and does not use FXAA.

-Softer SweetFX preset: Utilizes FXAA and does not use Lumasharpen.
-Note that the softer and sharper presets cannot be overlapped, it would just overwrite the old one.

-Higher Settings: Also uses Bokeh DoF and Ambient Occlusion.

Required Mods:
-Climates of Tamriel

-Enhanced Lights and FX

-Tamriel Reloaded: Textures and Parallax

Recommended Mods:
-Dynavision by Gopher - For lighter dynamic DoF effect, or static DoF effect to hide bad LOD's.

-4k Parallax Retextures by Pfuscher aka Zerwas1 - Whitrun street texture can be used to replace the TR red street texture if you don't like it.

-Ultra-Realistic World Lighting by MGE - Replacer for ELFX exteriors, or can be layered on top of ELFX to very nice looking effect and no performance hit.

-Download the Main Files and your choice of optionals.

-Download v0.136 Enbseries here:

-Copy the d3d9.dll and enbhost.exe files and Nothing Else into the skyrim game folder. this is the folder with skyrimlauncher.exe and tesv.exe.

-Copy the main files into the game folder, and overwrite the main files with an optional if you like.

-Find your skyrimprefs.ini (usually in mydocuments/mygames/skyrim) and edit this line:
bFloatPointRenderTarget=0 to bFloatPointRenderTarget=1

-Note that this is an old enough version of the Enb mod, that hardware anti-aliasing is supported.


Some people may be wondering why I'm not utilizing the latest binaries or why the default settings don't use all of the features. This is because I'm currently using a fairly weak system and am unable to properly test these settings with the framerate I'm getting (I recently converted from one of the older Enb versions, and now the performance hit is unbearable and makes tweaking via the in-game UI impossible. Newer versions of Enb are also less friendly to alt-tabbing.) Going to an even newer version of the mod proved arduous to tweak and even harder to test. (10-15 fps @720p). I'm saving for an improved rig to update to the newer versions, and any and all help you could give me would be hugely appreciated. If you like this mod and wish to help, this is my paypal email:
Thanks for checking out my Enb preset, especially with the many other preset alternatives available on the nexus. Enjoy!

A big thanks to all the people who created the tools that I used to make this preset.
Thanks to:

-Opethfeldt for a template to follow for my first custom preset, and for his v6 preset whose stormy weather look provided inspiration for the nighttime in my preset.

-Gopher for introducing me to modding and first introducing me to Opethfeldt6 Enb

-All of the authors of the mods that I used when working on this preset.

-Boris Vorontsov for not only making this amazing mod, but also allowing users to create their own presets.