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News (April 25, 2015): Wrote an article that expands a bit about my stance on paid mods. Partially, it is a rant, but I tried to remain neutral on some things.

Itinerary Status: Couldn't get out of jury duty. As a result, mod production will be slow because of it. Pushed back the Beta date to sometime in May.

April 1-20: For the mod: Fix the Scene Issues for Serana COMPLETED, Finish testing the distance script COMPLETED, Begin the Dragonborn Extended Dialogue re-implementation (and new dialogues) as well as almost finish it.
IRL Stuff: Studying and Exams

April 21: For the mod: N/A
IRL Stuff:

April 22-30: For the mod: Possibly finish Dragonborn Extended Dialogue.
IRL Stuff: Jury Duty and Class Projects

Essentially if everything goes to plan, we would be able to get this mod to 75-85% done by end of the month. If I am stuck in jury duty, it will be 40-50% done But that is the schedule for this month. If I am ahead of this schedule, then it is a win for everyone and I will adjust the schedule accordingly. But because of studying, exams and jury duty, this schedule is pretty much the most realistic plan so I doubt I will be ahead of schedule. But there you have it.

What does this mod do?
This mod modifies, fixes and expands Serana's dialogue. The additional dialogues for Serana are fully voiced - utilizing Serana's dialogue pool. The Serana's dialogue expansion goes into Dragonborn and Hearthfire.

Mod Requirements
-Dawnguard DLC
-Hearthfire DLC (Non-Hearthfire Edition Available)
-Dragonborn DLC

-English (I am open to having this mod translated in different languages once this mod reaches 1.0+)

VERSION: 0.81 (Final Final Beta Phase)

Differences from the Previous Version (v0.8)
-Fixes the masterlist issue that puts the masters out of order (for Wyre Bash users)
-Fixes two lines of dialogue relating to Serana's weather dialogue caused by a typo.

Current Progress of Version 1.0 Construction: (image does not always reflect up-to-date progress)

Up-to-Date Progress of Version 1.0: Click Here

How to install the mod?
If installing from NMM, just click on the mod and let NMM install it. If installing manually, just take the .bsa and .esp files and put them in the data folder for Skyrim. Nothing special. If installing manually, just make sure that the mod is activated in the Data Files when opening Skyrim. If using a previous version of this mod, remove the two files (either through NMN or manual), download the latest version of this mod and install.

What are the differences between the three different editions of the mod?
-The All-in-One installer uses FOMOD for NMM and contains both Hearthfire and non-Hearthfire editions of the mod. There is no difference between this and the separate files. This was done in case people don't use NMM for their mods.
-The Hearthfire edition is suited for those who use the Hearthfire mod.
-The non-Hearthfire edition is suited for those who don't use the Hearthfire mod.

What is the reason for making this mod?
It started off with fixing a few lines that I felt made Serana a very flat NPC that showed obvious signs that she was rushed by Bethesda. It soon spiraled into the monster that it is today. Mostly, this was meant to be my way of entering into the modding community and learn about the Creation Kit and modding.

What changes does this mod make?
Because of the amount of things this mod does, I moved the complete official changes of the mod to the README tab of this mod page.

Issues with the mod
While this mod is still in development, any issues that do crop up tend to be resolved in the next version. Emergency fixes will also be resolved this way as well. Uncommon or rare issues will not be reported here and can be talked about in the post section of this mod page.

Does this mod conflict with the 'X' mod?
A sticky has been made in the comments tab of this mod page. This sticky will show what mods are compatible or incompatible with this mod. It is a tentative list and will only showcase mods that I feel would have the possibility of conflicting with this mod.

Any future plans for this mod?
Version 1.0 will introduce the following: (Tentative)
-A complete teardown of the mod for the Live phase.
-Serana's dialogue expansion into the main questline.
-Serana's dialogue expansion into the guild questlines.
-Serana reacting to the player doing other things or actions.
-Patches for popular climate mods.
-Features from Project Sanguinis will be implemented in Version 1.0.

Mods Used for Production for this Mod
Arthmoor and allowing me have this mod keep in line with the Unofficial Patches without making them a requirement.
Eliorim and his mod about extending dialogue length in the Creation Kit.

Special Thanks
Dialogue Editors - AK151, ElizabethGW
Forum Helpers - crashpilot
Idea Contributors - aqil5310, myztikrice and valensteinsmonster
Mod of the Month Contributor - Octopuss
Testers - MrHildebrand, Adipsycho, Mushashi7, SPARTAN833 and valensteinsmonster