Miraak's Sword Fix - LONGER REACH by EmeraldShadow
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Added: 21/02/2014 - 01:42AM
Updated: 24/08/2015 - 01:32AM

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Last updated at 1:32, 24 Aug 2015 Uploaded at 1:42, 21 Feb 2014

The fact that Miraak's sword(s) only has the same range as every other sword even though it is a unique sword with a long whipping animation has always bothered me, so I made this mod.      (This now works on ALL leveled variants of the sword)

Changes the sword(s) reach to match the "tentacle whip" animation. DOES NOT CHANGE THE ANIMATION
- Depending on what level you were when you obtained the sword, the reach will be 1.8x, 1.9x, or 2.0x.

- Fully compatible with Deadly Combat (that mod just changes an overall reach multiplier)
- Compatible with ANY MOD, CANNOT CAUSE CRASHES. (Load this after any mod that changes MIraak's Sword's stats)

-Requires Dragonborn DLC (Obviously)

Image credit goes to Raijin on

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