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Play without crosshair they said
It will be fun they said

OutLaw666 proudly presents:
Scoped Bows
The amazing Bow Sights Mod

Pure Immersion - 100% Lore-Friendly

* * * Review by MxR. (skip to: 2:14) * * * Review by Gopher. * * * * * * * * * * *

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More videos under the videos tab. Please note that all videos are showing outdated mod-versions. Many things have been improved or changed.

Short Description

Scoped Bows is a huge weapons mod that adds scoped counterparts of all Bows to the game.  You are getting 30 Scoped Bows in total.

There are 2 Sights attached to each bow.  One sight is used when aiming while standing, the other one is used when sneaking.

All sights are matching the design of the corresponding bow to keep them lore-friendly.
This mod is made for immersive first person archery and works best with disabled Crosshair. look under "RECOMMENDATIONS"


This mod comes with its own included Installer that requires the use of a mod manager such as "NMM" (Nexus Mod Manager) or "MO" (Mod Organizer).
I don't support manual installation. When deciding to install manually you better know what you are doing.

Load Order:
Doesn't matter unless you are using another mod which is replacing unique bows. In that case place "ScopedBows.esp" below it to get my scoped versions or place it above to get the bows from the other mod.

If you are new to modding you might want to watch Gophers Beginner's Guide to Modding Skyrim.


All Scoped Bows can be crafted at any Forge once you have the required smithing perks.
Scoped Bows can also be improved at sharpening wheels and enchanted at enchanting tables.

Looting / Buying:
All Scoped Bows are included into level lists.
Accordingly to your level they will randomly appear in the world of skyrim (npc's, vendors, containers).

Unique Bows are scoped too and can be obtained like in the vanilla game.

Complete List of Bows:

Craftable Bows
Dwarven Sniper
Daedric Wrath
Nordic Assault Bow
Dragonbone Bow - Scoped
Glass Bow - Scoped
Hunting Bow - Scoped
Noble Hunting Bow - Scoped
Imperial Bow - Scoped
Orcish Bow - Scoped
Elven Bow - Scoped
Stalhrim Bow - Scoped
Ebony Bow - Scoped
Forsworn Bow - Scoped
Longbow - Scoped
Nordhero Bow - Scoped
Falmer Bow - Scoped
Ancient Nord Bow - Scoped

Unique Bows
Auriel's Bow
Glass Bow of the Stag Prince
Bound Bow
Dwarven Black Bow of Fate
Angi's Bow
Bow of the Hunt
Nightingale Bow
Firiniel's End
Drainspell Bow
Gauldur Black Bow
Froki's Bow
Dravin's Bow


For the best experience i recommend to disable the crosshair and use all tweaks inside the installer.
Alternatively to disabling the crosshair you can use the mod Immersive Hud and disable the crosshair only for ranged weapons. 

The following optional tweaks are included into the installer:

Stealth Meter-Tweak:
Moves the Sneak Eye away from the center to enable an unobstructed view through the scopes. When using mods like "Less Intrusive HUD II" or "Minimal HUD" that let you manually customize position of HUD elements you obviously don't this tweak. Just make sure you move the Sneak Eye away from the center.

Increases the distance arrows fly, removes the aim assist and makes the crosshair or reticle the centre (rather than being slightly above it). They are the same as recommended in "S.T.E.P." ( You don't have to edit your skyrim ini manually. ScopedBows.ini is overwriting the settings without changing the original skyrim.ini. - Ini tweaks should be compatible with everything. 

Faster Arrows:
Makes arrows go 50% faster and further. There are other mods such as "ABT-Arrows and Bolts Tweaks" which can be used instead. This tweak is incompatible with any mod that changes arrow behavior other than being a simple ini tweak.

Better Eagle Eye:

Increases the Eagle Eye perk zoom (Vanilla value: 0.6, modded: 0.8). There are other mods such as "Better Eagle Eye and Steady Hands Redux" which can be used instead. This tweak is incompatible with any mod that does the same thing.

Field of View (FOV):
The sights are working with all possible values.
But keep in mind: The higher the value, the smaller (further away) the sights will appear. I recommend to use the default fov-value!

Compatibility and Issues

Scoped Bows...
-is script free!
-can not make your game crash.
-can not break your game or saves.
-can be installed and uninstalled at any time.
-has no effect on other mods.

This Mod is Compatible with Everything, but there are some mods which can make the scopes appear inaccurate or displaced.
Everything that changes 1stperson skeleton or 1stperson animations can potentially cause problems.

Quick Test:
To test if the mod is working properly alongside your mod selection, use the console to get the "Dwarven Sniper". Go in sneak-mode (crouch) and aim at the horizon. The front reticle must appear exactly in the middle of the big lens.

Interfering Mods:
-Lower 1stperson Weapons
-Meridia's Light
-Customizable Camera
-Immersive First Person View -Fix: Use Skyrim - Enhanced Camera instead
-The Joy of Perspective -Fix: Use Skyrim - Enhanced Camera instead
-Nock to Tip
Sneak sights are not usable. -Fix: unpack the .bsa and delete the 1stperson animation
-RaceMenu -changing character scaling size leads to problems. Please read: Compatibility and Troubleshooting
-Skyrim - Enhanced Camera -Please read: Compatibility and Troubleshooting

Known Issues:
Only with some of the bows - Primarely when using thick armor. -Fix: None, but i's barely noticeable after getting the "quick shot" perk.
Opaque glass lenses with Ebony Mail armor. -Fix: Use the mod Ebony Mail - Smoke Only

Dynamic Depth Of Field
On some bows the focus jumps between scope and target. -Fix: Disable D-DOF. For details read: Compatibility and Troubleshooting


Q: I don't know how to install mods. Help?
A: Watch gopher's Beginner's Guide to Modding Skyrim.

Q: The bows are invisible. What can i do?
A: Make sure the mod is correctly installed (use a mod manager!) and check if the esp activated. (invisible = missing meshes / purple = missing textures / not showing up at all = missing or not activated esp)

Q: This mod crashes my game.
A: No, it does not. For details read: Compatibility and Troubleshooting

Q: I consoled auriels bow and the sunshots are not working.
A: You have to play the quest to make sun shots work.

Q: Will you be doing scoped crossbows?
A: No. Crossbows don't line up with your line of sight while aiming. The only right way to do it, would require to change the 1st person aim animation. But that's beyond my capabilities.

Q: Can you add a scope to the bow of mod xy?
A: No. I think mod authors know best how their weapon should look like. Ask them if they want to release a scoped version. Scoped Bows aims to add scoped versions of all vanilla bows.

Q: Why does the LEGENDARY Option require the Hearthfire DLC?
A: Because i'm using Glass, which is a building material added by Hearthfire, as a crafting requirement on bows which have target lenses. Makes sense and increases immersion.

Q: Where can i get "Glass"?
A: Belethor in Whiterun has it always on offer. Other general goods merchants or Khajiit traders are selling it randomly.

Q: Why is the mod called scoped bows? There is no zoom. This are not scopes this are sights.
A: Please read: About the Mod Name

Q: What armor are you using in the "Hunter Cinematic" shot?
A: The outfit used in that picture was a combination of many mods. The armor is "Crimson Ranger Armor", the hood is from "Imperial Mage Armor", the cloak is called "crimson hide" from the mod "cloaks of skyrim", the gloves and face cover came with "wet and cold".

Q: What enb presets are you using in the screenshots and which enb is your favorite?
A: In most of the pictures i was using "Kinematic-ENB-Extensiv", the predecessor of today's "Kinematic ENB Southern Light". Some pictures where shot using "Grim and Somber" which is available in many different variations. My favorite gamplay/performance enb is "Zoners High Performance ENB".

Terms and Conditions

-Users are permitted to use assets of my work in there own mods without asking, as long as they credit me.
-Users are not permitted to use my assets in any mods/files that are being sold, for money!

Scoped Bows is a fanmade modification ("mod") for the pc game "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim". A legal copy of the original game is required in order to use this mod. You are using this mod at your own risk. Scoped Bows partially contains content, such as meshes and textures, from the original game. I do not claim to be the owner of such content, all credit goes to Bethesda. Scoped Bows is, and always will be, free of charge!


7hr08ik for his "Leveled Lists Addon" (which is now an integral part of Scoped Bows) and all the help he provided me.
andrelo1 for giving me permission to use his "Stealth Meter Tweak".
A big Thanks to everyone who helped me with testing and feedback!
Thanks also to all who helped to keep me motivated with comments, endorsements and donations. Without your support this mod would not exist!

Used Tools

-3ds Max
and also
-Creation Kit

More than 5000 hours of work where necessary to create this mod.
To know more about why this mod exists, read: Development History

Scoped Bows was the first mod ever that brought bow sights to skyrim.
Since then it is the most popular bow mod on the nexus.

Have Fun, and make every shot count!