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Play without crosshair they said
It will be fun they said

OutLaw666 proudly presents:
Scoped Bows
The amazing Bow Sights Mod

To gain in-depth knowledge about the development and why this mod exists read: Birth of a Legend

Scoped Bows featured in MMOxReview "Skyrim: Top 10 Weapons" (skip to: 2:14)

Review by Skytts.(9:09) * * * Showcase by Gruntlock.
* * *

Review by Gopher.

Note: Some videos are showing outdated mod-versions. Many things have been improved or changed.

What this Mod Does

This mod adds craftable Scoped versions of all Bows to the game and also replaces some unique bows.
Each Scoped Bow requires the corresponding vanilla original to be crafted. In other words:
This mod gives you the ability to upgrade every bow to a Scoped Bow.

You are getting
27 Scoped Bows in total. Each one of it has its own unique appearance and is made as lore-friendly as possible.
The bows are designed for immersive first person archery, used with disabled HUD-Crosshair*. *look under "RECOMMENDATIONS"

There are at least 2 Sights attached to each bow.
One is used when aiming while standing, the other one is used when sneaking.
Some bows have a third "extra reticle" which lines up when sneaking to give you more accuracy (compensates the swaying of the weapon a bit).

The sights are pointing precisely into the screen center where the overlaying HUD-Crosshair would be. You can aim with the weapon itself, without using an overlaying crosshair, which increases the immersion factor significantly.

Complete List of Bows:

Dwarven Sniper
Dwarven Sniper (silver)
Dwarven Sniper (dark)
Daedric Wrath
Nordic Assault Bow [Dragonborn]
Dragonbone Bow - Scoped [Dawnguard]
Glass Bow - Scoped
Hunting Bow - Scoped
Noble Hunting Bow - Scoped
Iron Sight Bow
Orcish Bow - Scoped
Elven Bow - Scoped
Stalhrim Bow - Scoped [Dragonborn]
Ebony Bow - Scoped
Forsworn Bow - Scoped
Improved Wooden Bow
Nordhero Bow - Scoped
Falmer Bow - Scoped

unique (replacer)
Auriel's Bow [Dawnguard]
Glass Bow of the Stag Prince [Dragonborn]
Bound Bow
Dwarven Black Bow of Fate [Dragonborn]
Angi's Bow
Bow of the Hunt
Zephyr [Dawnguard]
Nightingale Bow
Firiniel's End

How To Get the Bows

Crafting (craftables):
The craftable bows can be crafted at any Forge. (respective smithing perk required)
They are improvable and enchantable.

Finding/Obtaining (replacers):
The Dwarven Sniper Bow is craftable but can also be found on the top Platform of the Hall of Rumination in Blackreach.
All Unique Bows (replacers) can be found on their default vanilla location or are obtainable during their related quest.

Cheating (Console Command):
open the console with
help "name of the bow" it will show up with it's id (instead of "name of the bow" type its complete name accordingly to the list above)
player.additem xxxxxxxx 1 (instead of x type the numbers of the id - the 1 at the end stands for the number of bows that you will get)

Install - Notes

This is a simple mod that adds craftable items. There is nothing else under the hood.
-Scoped Bows is script free.
-Scoped Bows can not break your game or saves.
-Scoped Bows can be installed and uninstalled at any time.
-Scoped Bows has no effect on other mods.

This mod comes with an Installer that works with NMM (Nexus Mod Manager) and other mod managers such as MO (Mod Organizer).

Manual Install\Uninstall:
Use a mod manager, seriously!
If modding is new to you, watch Gophers Beginner's Guide to Modding Skyrim or search for similar tutorials on youtube.

Load Order:
Doesn't matter. I would place it somewhere in the middle, in case other mods need to be at the top or bottom.

Upgrade Instruction:
Form id's have not been changed since version 1.3. Therefore a "clean save" is NOT required. Just uninstall the old version and install the new one. You will not lose any bows of previous versions.

Recommended Mods and ini Tweaks

This mod does not necessarily require anything to work, however:

For the best experience i recommend to use all mods and ini tweaks below in combination.

->Immersive Hud Disable the crosshair for ranged weapons. (+other options/MCM)

->Simple Crosshair Choose "Oblivion Style Sneak Eye" to move the sneak eye down between health and magicka bar.

->ABT - Arrows and Bolts Tweaks (50% faster arrows) Makes arrows faster and reduces the gravity for a higher range. (+other options)

TWEAKS: (skyrim.ini) (backup your .ini file first)


For information about the ini-tweaks read the "ABT - Arrows and Bolts Tweaks" mod description. (link above) Ini-tweaks are also working without that mod.

Field of View (FOV):
The sights are working with all possible values.
But keep in mind: The higher the value, the smaller (further away) the sights will appear. Fov 65 works best on 16:9! (When playing with higher fov values you can use Better Eagle Eye and Steady Hand Redux to increase the "eagle eye" perk zoom factor.

Compatibility and Issues

This Mod is Compatible with Everything that does not change 1stperson skeleton or 1stperson draw animation.
There are some interfering mods which can disturb the scope-reticle alignment. In result the scopes may appear inaccurate or displaced (the don't line up properly), which makes them useless. Apparently this also happens if you mess around with the shield size scaler in "racemenu". (leave shield size at default!)

Quick Test:
To test if the mod is working properly alongside your mod selection, use the console to get the "Dwarven Sniper". Go in sneak-mode (crouch) and aim at the horizon. The front reticle must appear exactly in the middle of the big lens.

Interfering Mods:
Lower 1stperson weapons
changes 1stperson skeleton
Staffs 4 Lighting
changes 1stperson skeleton
Immersive First Person View
changes 1stperson skeleton - Fix: Use "Skyrim - Enhanced Camera" instead
The Joy of Perspective
changes 1stperson skeleton - Fix: Use "Skyrim - Enhanced Camera" instead
Nock to Tip
changes animation for sneaking draw (sneak sights are not usable) - Fix: unpack the .bsa and delete the 1stperson animation

Known Issues:
(only with some of the bows - noticable if your character wears thick armor)
The glass lenses are getting opaque when wearing Ebony Mail armor.
Fix: Use the mod "Ebony Mail - Smoke Only"
Some bows are causing problems with Dynamic Depth Of Field. The focus will jump between scope and target.
I recommend to disable DDOF for gameplay.

Terms and Conditions

Provided that you don't charge money for it:
-You have permission to use assets of my work, as long as you credit me. (include a link to the original mod into your mod description and file credits)
-You have permission to change, improve or extend this mod, as long as you don't completely re-upload it. (upload just Patches or Add-Ons)
Do not distribute this mod on steam!

This is a modification ("mod") for the pc game "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim". A legal copy of the original game is required in order to use this mod. This mod contains content of the original game. I do not claim to be the owner of such content. All credit goes to Bethesda. I am sharing this modification only on nexusmods. I am sharing it for free and without any beneficial interest.

You are using this mod at your own risk. I cannot assume any liability for the up-to-dateness, completeness or accuracy of any shared information or content.


I want to say thanks to:
-everyone who helped me with testing and feedback. -everyone who motivated me over all that time with nice comments and endorsements. Without your support this mod would not exist!

Used Tools

-3ds Max
and also
-Creation Kit

This Mod will always be free of charge.
Freedom is Priceless!

Have Fun, and make every shot count!