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Changes the weapon models for vanilla bows to those of Scoped Bows, instead of adding new scoped variants.

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Scoped Bows by OutLaw666


I made this using TES5Edit for personal use.
I am not a professional mod creator and I do not have the time nor the ability to solve any problems it can cause.
Do not use this mod if you are using any mod that alters the stats for vanilla bows.
Back up your saves before Installation.
English is not my first language.

How it works
.esp file changes the directory given to the game for weapon models, from the original models by bethesda, to those added by Scoped Bows. As I mentioned above I do not have any experience creating mods or editing game files at all so I know this is probably the worst way to achieve what I wanted (but it does work at least for me).

1. Install Scoped Bows by OutLaw666
(2. If you have been using the original mod before using this mod, after disabling the original .esp, overwriting your save will remove any variation of the bows that did not exist in the vanilla game (the scoped variations added by Scoped Bows) from your save; However unique Weapons (like auriels bow) are not affected.)
3. Download and install this mod using a mod manager. (If you don't use a mod manager download the file, extract ScopedBowsReplacer.rar, and add ScopedBowsReplacer.esp to your data folder)
4. Disable the original ScopedBows.esp from your mod manager or remove it if you don't have one. (make a backup if you're going to remove it)