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Skylight ENB

By Aiyen
Note: No this ENB preset will not make your dragons spew purple fire! I was just bored and wanted something new for my description page!


After many months of coding, recoding, tweaking and retweaking I finally have something worth showing (for once!).
In order to make for what I think is a great visual experience in skyrim I have also included quite a few patches, and altered textures to fix various saturation issues that plague ENB´s in general.

Skylight ENB Features

There are quite a few features in Skylight ENB. I will try to divide them into sections to make for an easier read.

Visual style

Skylight ENB tries to hit a sweetspot between bloom heavy fantasy presets, and hardcore realism presets, with a touch of cinematic style.
This means that there will be no extreme bloom applied all over, and the saturation levels are not over done. (They are however up there!)
You will be able to get blue skies, and nice soft dusks.
Visibility at night is aimed at realistic light levels that match the weather. Stormy nights will be dark, while a clear one will allow you to see.
Interiors are designed to be realistic up to a point. There are no pitch black locations, but you still will benefit from a torch or night vision.
The new uniquely developed bloom shader will allow for really nice glow effects that especially make fire look more spectacular then in earlier versions.
Ofc. night vision and other ingame effects work like they should when using this preset as well!

Technical features

A completely rewritten enbeffect.fx and enbbloom.fx file with an emphasis on being user friendly while providing easy to use controls! Like all skylight work then the goal is also to get the best quality/performance ratio.
- Both files rewriten to make more effective use of object oriented programming benefits.
- Made it very clear how the files work and everything come with built in working GUI support.
- Using depth information to provide visuals non depth using files cannot.

Comprehensive Guides

Two extensive guides. One for players that include
- Installation of ENB.
- How to setup your enblocal.ini file.
- How to install supported mods properly.
- How to adjust Skylight ENB to your liking, using the ingame GUI, and Tes5edit.
One for tweakers that include
- How to use the new framework
- Somewhat detailed description about how the files actually work
- Details about the various concepts used when making a preset

Optional Content for Dawnguard and Dragonborn

I have created a patch for both Dawnguard and Dragonborn that ensures that those locations also look epic.
- Unique Solstheim weather system using a mix of Vanilla and CoT weathers.
- Unique Soul Cairn weathers which help make the location feel more like a mystical pocket realm.

Required mods... what required mods?

Skylight ENB fully support both Climates of Tamriel based setups, as well as default skyrim ones.
There also is support for Expanded Snow Systems, and Supreme Storms included.

ENB versions:
Requires the latest version of ENB only! The bloom shader will fail to compile if you do not.

For Climates of Tamriel mod lists:

Climates of Tamriel Weather Patch by Prod80, Aiyen and Saerileth
This in turn obviously requires
Climates of Tamriel v3.1 (CoT) by JJC71

For default Skyrim mod lists:

Dramatic Clouds by Anarin

For Pure weathers mod lists :
Just use pure weathers, it already has it all built in!

Now for interiors there are still no strict requirements on mods. However I still highly recommend that one use

ELE Interior Lighting by JawZ
Only this file!
ELE - Interior Lighting v0.0.4 (Former ELE - Imagespace module)

Since it just helps keep every interior in the game normalized, and look realistic. It can be used with any of the other lighting overhauls.

Interior overhauls:

Enhanced Lights and FX by Anamorfus

Realistic Lighting Overhaul by The Realistic Lighting Team
Note: Only look okay with ELE since it uses image spaces to create darkness, which is redundant when using ENB. If ELE is not used it will be REALLY dark almost everywhere.

Relighting Skyrim by NovakDalton

Here is a nice preview of every combination with ELE, to give an impression.

Finally we have the particle patch. It is not even debatable just use it!
Skyrim Particle Patch for ENB by artem1s AKA Mindflux

Optional but recommended mods

Skylight ENB has largely been developed making sure fire using these textures will look epic! Hence I highly recommend using them!
Ultimate HD fire effects by rheadude

Falmer Glow Retexture by Aiyen

Lanterns of Skyrim by mannygt

Skyrim Flora Overhaul by Vurt
This mod contains recolored textures of Vurts work so they match and blend in well with Skylight ENB!
All credit for this work should go to Vurt! (Except for one single grass texture I made myself and replaced! But oh well!)
ONLY the basic version is supported however!
For regular version users, only use the grass folder. Since the default trees in that version should match quite nicely with their LOD types.

There now is a detailed guide with everything included, as well as how to do various things yourself! If you find anything unclear then do not hesitate in making a post about it!


Water mods:
The settings provided here are not optimized for any particular water mod. I have left the heavy cost effects off as well.
It is up to the user to setup the water according to the textures you use.

Skin mods:
The Sub Surface Scattering values included are setup so that they make most skin mods look sort of decent.
It is however up to the user to setup this on their own just as with water.


Issues... what issues? The issues are a lie I tell you!

Okay a few things I know is going to come up!

Q: WHY IS THERE NO enblocal.ini FILE? YOU FORGOT IT!!!!!
A: No, since this file is system specific, I want you to fill it out on your own before you use it. If you used ANY other (recent) ENB you can just use that! If you are new to ENB´s then I have included advice on how to set it up in the readme file!

A: Okay relax! The reason there are not any DoF files other then the default included is because... This feature is so person
dependent that I would rather that people just go and find the one they like and plug it in. Also I am perfectly happy with just
using the default skyrim blur shader to get the distance blur I like.

A: Yeah there is irony for ya! The reason it is not included it because I think it is a bad effect for the performance impact.
Also it does mess up adaptation in general, and the shadow intensity can be controlled fully via the tonemapping.
So I saw no point to bog down peoples system with an effect that does not visually provide any big improvements, only more bugs.

A: You can disable the sunsprite effect by disabling Sun Glare under EFFECTS in the enbseries.ini. Or you can replace it with any other sunsprite.tga texture that you might wish to use instead.
If you just want to adjust it then that can be found under the enbsunsprite.fx parameters!

A: Black cinematic bars melt under extreme heat conditions, I'm working on making them fireproof.

Any other issues or questions that might be asked alot I will put in as they come.... if they come!

Reporting problems and providing feedback:
If you run into something that looks really strange, or just plain wrong please do provide feedback.
I highly suggest that you use the mod STATUS by mannyGT. It provides you with cellID´s and weatherID´s ingame though the MCM menu. It obviously requires that you use SkyUI. I will need those two ID numbers so I can jump to the same area on my own installation and see if the problem is also present here.
Also a screenshot in jpg version on a dropbox etc. would be helpful!
Note that when you use the print screen button in Skyrim you get two screenshots. I need the one named like Screenshot53241 converted into a jpg.
It must NOT be the one named like Screenshot100 since those do not contain shader effects.
Alternatively you can use ENB or FRAPS to take screenshots. These are also good.

Thanks and concluding remarks:
I would like to thank the ENB community at! There are so many very talented people over there and they all have helped immensely by inspiring me to get this preset done!
Also a huge thanks to Kermles for letting me help beta test his work, learning the hard way what not to do!
I would never have reached this point if not for all the things I learned while doing that!
A great thanks to Nexstac for offering feedback along the way, and teaching me a great deal about how to make textures and how various shaders work etc!
Also for teasing me into finally just making my own stuff instead of just altering others over and over!
Also many great thanks to all the people over at the STEP forums for making a great community where I have learned a lot trying to help out people!
Finally a great thanks to prod80 for keeping me on my toes, and for great conversation about learning the finer points of HLSL!

25/5/14 v.5.0
Made a new bloom shader for skylight! So entirely new visuals for all!
Made a new framework for the shaders so they are easier to use and edit!
Finished up Pure weathers part so it is release worthy!
Made a new guide with technical details about the shaders!
Remembered to remove letterbox!

13/4/14 v.4.0
Made dedicated selections for CoT, Vanilla and Pure Weathers.
Increased overall contrast, added vibrance controls.
Various minor adjustments made all around.
Updated the guide to reflect the latest changes, hopefully making it easier to understand.
Added the bloom.fx file to the guide so that it can help someone understand it a little bit better!

17/2/14 v.3.0
Vanilla weather support!
Made CoT overcast nights brighter.
Minor optimizations of the math.
Massive improvement and extension of the guide.

9/2/14 v.2.1
Fixed adaptation error I found.
Overhauled all the lighting so it fits better to the new ToD system.
Better GUI overview.
Minor optimization to the files.

5/2/14 v.2.0b
Added Dawnguard weather patch, and support. Check out the Soul Cairn to see.
More optimizations for more performance.
Found an error in the bloom shader and fixed it. Issues with "red tones" is now fixed.
Redid the Time of Day system so now transitions between day and night are hopefully smoother.
Fixed a few issues here and there.

3/2/14 v.2.0a
Implemented a weather system for CoT, and as a result overhauled all weathers. Includes support for ESS and Supreme storms
Released a Dragonborn weather patch for the Solstheim region based on a mix of CoT and vanilla.
Released a new installation guide pdf which will contain more info then is possible to put into the basic readme´s.

26/1/14 v.1.9
You think you can get a respite... and then Boris release new epic stuff!
Volumetric rays are finally controllable and now look more sexy then ever!
Better control of cloud edge glow now means the sun, and sunsets and dawns especially will look just a bit more epic!
Had accidentally uploaded the wrong enbeffectprepass.fx file for a few versions now... in order not to confuse it has been restored to the default ENB one.

25/1/14 v.1.8.2
Fixed a semantics error I had in the enbeffect.fx shader. If any still use the v.1.8.1 for their work... just do not.
Readjusted everything because of this.
Added a Vanilla Weather Image space and effects Patch which fixes the darkness issues during the helgen intro, and several effects in the game so they are not longer dark.
Added a Dragonborn weather patch so the default vanilla dragonborn weathers are not unaturally dark.

24/1/14 v.1.8.1
Adjusted brightness of interiors and night.
Fixed a bloom issue during night time dragon attacks.
Added a "how to" get brighter nights interiors to the readme.
Uploaded an optional "Vanilla Weather Patch" to solve the issues they have atm.

23/1/14 v.1.8
Disabled IS contrast, saturation and a few others for more ENB control, and less mod dependency.
Removed Skyrim adaptation and bloom.
Major overhaul of everything due to this.
Added in support for the new procedual sun, hence the sun textures are no longer required.
Optimized the various shaders a bit more, should help lower end system some more... I hope.

16/1/14 v.1.7
Major overhaul of day time settings, to make it blend better with the night time values.
Increased the default quality of SSAO to medium from low. Overall performance remains the same due to the latest optimizations done by Boris.
Discontinued the Optional increased night time brightness.
Optimized shaders even more.

11/1/14 v.1.6.1
Merged and optimized the sharpening and noise shaders for a bit more performance.
Added sharpening and noise control to the GUI, and altered the values so they fit better.
Redid image based lighting so that it fit with the changes of ENB v245.
Minor update as well to remove supersampling from SSAO, and put in a blank effect.txt to avoid confusion.

3/1/14 v.1.5
Updated the preset to include proper underwater values.
Updated the water values to include volumetric shadows.
A slight tweak to the SSAO visuals.
Performance impact should remain the same as previous version due to optimizations done to ENB binary.

24/12/13 v.1.4
Updated the preset to support the new volumetric ray feature of ENB v.241.
As a result the entire sky section has been overhauled.
A new Sun texture have also been uploaded.
I also updated the Optional Night settings so it includes the latest changes.
That said then merry Christmas to ya all!

19/12/13 v.1.3
Added an optional enbseries.ini with brighter night times.
Adjusted interiors colors, and made them brighter.
Fixed a few bloom issues that sneaked into the last version.
Reduced the saturation of the suns color during dawn and dusk, so it is not super orange.
Other various small tweaks and tricks to improve the visuals.
Updated the readme file so it is more helpful.

15/12/13 v.1.2
Fixed the "bright eyebrow" issue.
Adjusted the overall ambient lighting, and increased bloom during dawn and dusk.
Redid some SKY values to better accommodate the new cloud opacity feature.
Made nights slightly brighter, and fixed an issue with the far distance being to dark.
Readjusted the SSS so characters look less red.

12/12/13 v.1.1 Updated to add the Cloud shadow feature of v.240
11/12/13 v.1.0 Release

Bethesda for the game!
Boris Vorontsov for ENB! Without his dedication and hard work none of this would be possible!
Prod80 for good company and conversation, and for helping out making CoT more epic for ENB use!
Also for suffering my brain farts and bringing cool new ideas to the table!
Rootsrat for beta testing, then gamma testing, then more testing, and after that he did a bit more! He is 60% reason this is even looking somewhat good.
Kermles for his amazeing work on his enbeffect suite! for the epic SweetFX shader suite!
-JawZ- for his awesome guides, ELE, and helping me understand ENB tweaking!
Kyokushinoyama et. al. for the Sunsprite shader base provided in this preset!
Nexstac for the sunsprite texture provided here, and for lots of general suggestions and help along the way!
Vurt for the foliage textures and in general for an awesome job on SFO! Dont ever stop having green fingers!
MannyGT for his lantern mod! Just adds so much nice atmosphere to the game! Cant play without it!

Lots of other people that have contributed in one way or another to making ENB presets what they are today! If you feel that I forgot you then by all means contact me so you can get up on the list!

Part of the goal of skylight developed files (Enbeffect.fx and enbbloom.fx and the contents of the enbseries folder) is that others want to use them (or just part of them). Only requirement is that proper credits are given for all used code, as well as throwing me a pm about you doing it! I would like to be able to link to people who publish presets as well!
As for the other files you will have to look up the respective authors permissions.