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Added: 25/11/2013 - 03:02PM
Updated: 17/12/2013 - 05:02AM

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Last updated at 5:02, 17 Dec 2013 Uploaded at 15:02, 25 Nov 2013

With permission from ciadeeh, I have uploaded spinning versions of Crossbows Revamped. Thanks ciadeeh!

I credit other mod authors for discovering this technique long before I ever started this. This mod does NOT include spinning versions of vanilla Skyrim arrows. I suggest Ultimate Spinning Arrows by Nofumasa for that. That is the mod that inspired this.

Supported Mods with Vanilla Meshes
Bosmer Armor Pack by maty743
Crafting 300 - Armory of Tamriel by ByblosHex

Supported Mods with Custom meshes
Crossbows Revamped by ciadeeh

I am also uploading Dragonborn DLC and Falmer arrows/spears since I did not see a mod that supported those.

I will be happy to take requests and post model files for mods. The currently supported mods appear to actually use vanilla meshes, so I felt posting them would be okay. I actually did this the long way to be sure and simply used the texture paths for their mods so as not to post any proprietary content. If the mod authors would like me to remove them, I will respect their wishes. I take no credit for their work. What I did to create these models was actually extremely little effort. I can post an explanation of how to make these models in NifSkope if so desired.

- Mod Authors -
I am happy to do this for your mods if you desire for posting on your own mod page if you wish. I actually have converted many existing mods to spinning arrows for personal use, but am reluctant to post them without explicit permission.

Mods Completed, not uploaded...
Ghosu Horker Bow by Ghosu
Immersive Creatures (Spectral Arrows used by enemies) by lifestorock
aMidianBorn Skyforge by Cabal
Frostfall (Stone Arrow) by Chesko