The Legend of Zelda Oracle of Ages-Crescent Island by PayneXIII
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Looking for Part 1? Let me help you:


-Update News-
I'm hoping to bring Part III back onto the work bench and power through it the best I can to deliver quality work. I'll be working on it at a slower pace but hopefully to get it done soon. Also Parts 1 and 2 will be uploaded to the Steam Workshop soon. No longer a Nexus Exclusive as much as I'd like to keep it solely to the Nexus I just feel like making it more available will help get more players interested considering some people don't trust the Nexus and that's stupid. But oh well, Thanks for the support cause I'm gonna need more of it to get through this Hell.

-Future Plans-
-Add notes on the history of the island scattered out like the Maple notes[explain how it became the way it is currently/May be in this update?]
-Add the recorded voice overs [No longer doing this]

I'm pretty sure this is pretty much complete sorry I can't deliver the voice overs. Thank Bethesda for the SEQ headache; If you can do it then i have all the files I can send to you and make it happen. I'm sick of the headache...

I just now installed this mod to a new PC with a clean save and have no idea where all the trees went, If you're having this problem please let me know, thanks.

A few months after you visited the Subrosian man in the woods you decide to return to his cabin to find him missing. Upon finding him he believes he found the next step to finding the Rod of Seasons; He then sends you to the land of Labrynna in the same universe as Holodrum but on an Island that is far from the coast of Labrynna. Crescent Island once a place for exotic trade now left behind by the people of Labrynna during the Golden Era.

-How did I get here?-
Go to the Strange Shack from Tarm Ruins mod and you'll see a note posted on the door, from there follow its description of the location. The door to Tarm Ruins will also be locked, I plan to have that area space opened up again in the future after construction is complete.

-Notes and Tips-
-Turn off Frost Fall, Makes it harder but u sometimes freeze depending on time of day/night
-Enter with almost nothing, for hardcore gamers enter with NO items at all

-Special Items-
-Noble Sword
-History of Crescent Island [In the next update]

-Would you like to Help?-
Know how to add SEQ files? Message me for quest outlines and voice files and you can add the final completion touches.