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Thunderchild - Epic Shouts and Immersion

Don't just use shouts. Be a Tongue.

Thunderchild features 29 brand new shouts with multiple effects, several abilities to make shouting more effective, 24 variants of the Greybeard Robes based on a high quality custom model, several new weapons and items and buffs and bugfixes to existing shouts. To acquire all of this, you gain access to the High Hrotgar Library.

But becoming a Tongue takes devotion to Kyne and perhaps the completion of her Tests of Faith...

  • 29 brand new shouts, most of them with multiple effects.
  • Revere Kyne by completing Tests of Faith and gain new words.
  • Several abilities to make shouting more effective.
  • 24 variants of the Greybeard Robes based on a high quality custom model.
  • The High Hrotgar Library.
  • Over 20 Pillars of the Voice to power up your shouts.
  • Several new weapons and items.
  • Buffs and bugfixes to existing shouts.

Meditate to Kyne...
When you complete the Greybeard crowning ceremony after returning the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller, you gain access to the High Hrothgar Library, which features a statue of Kyne. Meditate in front of the statue to gain new insights in the Voice.

While meditating, your stamina gradually decreases until you enter a trance and the stamina bar vanishes. The objective is to stop meditating when you are as close to zero stamina as possible. Too early and you learn nothing, too late and you may summon angry figments of the Voice!

Succeed and you gain the following boons:

New shouts
A skilled Tongue can learn alternate meanings of familiar words to cast different effects.

After meditating, you learn a new meaning for each first word you have unlocked as part of a vanilla shout, granting you the corresponding new shout. You can meditate again after learning additional words from word walls to expand your list of shouts.

When you reach 500 favor with Kyne, you can meditate to learn a new meaning for each second word you have unlocked as part of a vanilla shout, increasing the power of your new shouts. At 1000 favor, you can meditate to learn new meanings for all words you have unlocked and become a force of nature.

Alessia's Love - Enter a bond of life with another living being, sharing vitality.
Annihilate - Use gravity to harm enemies or lift them into a black hole.
Arcane Helix - Breach an enemy's resistances or summon spirits of magic.
Armageddon - Call down a rain of meteors or a devastating impact event.
Curse - Condemns targets to suffer the same pains they inflict on you.
Dance of the Dead - Juggle enemies on your weapon or dance to create shockwaves.
Earthquake - Slam enemies to the ground or turn allies into invulnerable stone.
Essence Rip - Swap your lifeforce with an allied or enemy target to heal or harm.
Evocation - Shout a spell of your choice or raise a tower of magic to cast from.
Iceborn - Turn into a glass cannon or freeze time and set up a shatter combo.
Jone's Shadow - Scout in a dreamstate, undress your enemies or strip magical boons.
Kingsbane - Stun or scatter nearby enemies or stop time and blow up your enemies.
Lifestream - A healing shout, affecting nearby allies or creating healing weather.
Lightning Shield - Shock enemies, retaliate against damage or become invulnerable.
Magnetic Pull - Trap enemies in a swirling magnetic field or drag them with you.
Oblivion - Overwhelm enemies with knowledge or unleash Hermaeus Mora.
Riftwalk - Stop spells, teleport to enemies or drag them to you through the void.
Shattersphere - A limited but very powerful single target offensive shout.
Shor's Wrath - Oust intruders, gain godly powers or sing Shor's ghost into the world.
Shroud of Snowfall - Summon a blinding storm that cloaks you and muffles your steps.
Speak Unto The Stars - Assault your enemies from above or explode the stars for power.
Splinter Twins - Summons the evil shadows of your enemies to fight them.
Stormblast - A single powerful melee strike that calls down Talos' lightning.
The Conqueror - Drain strength from those around you or blow up the sun.
Trueshot - Enchant arrows with the power of wind or call down Kyne's wrath.
Wail of the Banshee - Damage, slay or drain the lifeforce of weakened enemies.
Wanderlust - Mark an area, illuminate the world or travel between cities.
Warcry - The frenzy of battle restores your health, stamina or magicka.

+1 bonus shout
Phantom Decoy
- A weaponised version of the Greybeards' illusion that can be shattered for damage.

See the Readme for more information.

Tests of Faith
Revering Kyne takes more than idle prayer. After meditating to Kyne for the first time, you can perform various Tests of Faith, gaining favor with Kyne and their own unique rewards upon completion. A quest appears after meditating, telling you what to do.

Bringing Home Kyne
At the foot of the 7000 Steps is Kyne's Fire in a bush. Pick up the Fire and deliver it to the doors of High Hrothgar before it fades. Fast travel is disabled, you have unlimited stamina and automatically equip the Whirlwind Sprint shout.
Reward (3:00): Phantom Decoy shout
Reward (2:40): Way of Peace ability - Most shout cooldowns are reduced to 10 seconds when out of combat.
Reward: favor

Closer to Kyne (1x)
Reach the very summit of Skyrim, standing atop the peak of Nirn's tallest mountain. Remember, the last few metres are the hardest...
Reward: Nordic Welcome ability - Offensive shouts are 50% more effective against targets at full health.
Reward: favor

Kyne's Sacrifices
Kyne occasionally indicates an animal with a green glow as her desired sacrifice. Hunt and slay the animal to gain a reward.
Reward: Storm Crown ability - Entering or leaving combat cancels a running shout cooldown.
Reward: favor

Leap of Faith (1x)
Jump off something tall with Whirlwind Sprint and fall for 4 seconds until Kyne catches you and returns you to safety.
Reward: Echo ability - The first shout used in combat has no cooldown.
Reward: favor

Read the 10 Tablets along the 7000 Steps, gaining the Voice of the Sky blessing and completing this Test of Faith.
Reward: Scorched Earth ability - Empowers your Fire Breath and Frost Breath shouts with an elemental stream.
Reward: favor

Shout to the Sky
Shouting grants favor points. Once a day, shout to the heavens to gain bonus favor and restore health.
Reward: favor

Wonders of Skyrim
Explore the world by foot or horse to gain favor based on distance travelled.
Reward: favor

Favor points
Completing Tests of Faith, shouting and meditating grants favor points. In addition to learning new shouts, you gain a free Dragon Soul every 250 favor points. A handy ability in your magic menu keeps track of your current favor.

Many useful items are stored in the High Hrotgar Library to aid you on your quest to become a mighty Tongue of old.

Greybeard robes HD
A set of unenchanted Greybeard Robes with more model detail than the vanilla robes and the notorious clipping issues fixed. In addition to the standard Robes, the Library contains 20 other variants in splendid colour schemes. And of course a gag, lest your Voice cause great destruction.
Herma Mora

An extra 4 variants can be unlocked by completing various tasks:
Myths: Juggle a victim 3 times with Dance of the Dead 2 - Jugglenaut.
Stars: Banish 70 stars with Speak Unto The Stars 3 - Stellar Extinction.
Witch: Hit a victim with 8 monopoles during Magnetic Pull 3 - Bird Shooting.
Snow: Complete the Test of Faith "Bringing Home Kyne" in 2:15.

Gift of Kyne: The target cannot die for a short time, and shout cooldowns are reduced when the target takes damage.
Gift of Talos: Shocks enemies based on the remaining duration of your shout cooldown.

Amulet of Mantras
To facilitate shout combos, this amulet automatically cycles through a predefined chain of shouts each time you shout in combat. Create a chain of shouts ("mantra") by wearing the amulet, selecting the desired shout and praying to the statue of Talos in the High Hrotgar Library. A mantra can consist of up to 10 shouts. Unequip the amulet to forget the mantra and start over.

Hodir's Notes
A book with a full description of each new shout, its component words and its effects.

Other content

Pillars of the Voice
Scattered throughout Skyrim and Solstheim are these mystic pillars inscribed with draconic wisdom. Each Pillar corresponds to one shout. Activate the Pillar when you have unlocked all three words of this shout to gain a blessing that improves your shout. Only one Pillar blessing can be active at any time.

When you activate your first Pillar, a quest appears, telling you to find others. Activating your second Pillar marks all of them on the map.

The High Hrotgar Library
Not just an item and statue repository, the Library also contains a bed, permanent storage space and possibly a few secrets...

Buffs and bugfixes
Many shout related bugs have been fixed and their effectiveness has been increased. See the Readme for more information.


Compatibility notes
  • Optional SkyRe Compatibility Patch available.
  • Compatible with shout scaling mods.
  • Compatible with mods that add new shouts.
  • Modifies existing shouts.
  • The Stormblast and Trueshot shouts are on-hit weapon effects. Only one on-hit weapon effect can be active at any time, which is the one with the lowest priority rank. Perks in the vanilla game have their priority rank set correctly, but because the default is maximum priority, many mods unintentionally have their perks or weapon enchantments set to maximum priority, preventing these two shouts from working. This must be fixed by the creator of said other mods.

About the SkyRe Compatibility Patch
Out of the box, SkyRe grants speechcraft experience for shouting but this only works with its own shouts. The Compatibility Patch disables this and allows Thunderchild to handle speechcraft experience for shouting (see the next point below). However, because the relevant settings are saved on the character, the Compatibility Patch cannot change these settings if either SkyRe or Thunderchild was already active. To fix this, open the console and type:
set xxxSPEShoutExpBase to 0
set TC_ExpMultiplier_Global to 4

I want to gain speechcraft experience for shouting
Thunderchild comes with functionality to grant speechcraft experience based on the effective cooldown of each shout. This functionality works with all shouts regardless of source but is disabled by default. To modify the amount of experience given, use the Thunderchild MCM (mod configuration menu, requires SkyUI) to adjust the value of "Shouting Gives Speech Exp" or open the console and type:
set TC_ExpMultiplier_Global to [value]
The default value is 4, but this can be increased or decreased.

Is it compatible with Improved Dragon Shouts/Shout Overlord/etc?
Thunderchild version 1.02 and up already contains many balance changes to vanilla shouts. It is not compatible, but doesn't need to be because it does the same thing (and more).

Is it compatible with Dragon Soul Relinquishment?
Yes, provided you load Dragon Soul Relinquishment after Thunderchild.

Is it compatible with Requiem?
Yes, if you load Thunderchild after Requiem so its shout modifications take precedence.

Thunderchild requires Dawnguard and Dragonborn (but not Hearthfire).

I meditate to Kyne but my stamina goes down slowly or not at all!
Stamina regen is supposed to be halted during the process, but stamina regen bonuses on items or perks seem to override this effect. Thunderchild version 1.04 and later have a workaround for this issue, but it may still crop up if other mods have abilities that straight up add points to stamina each second.

I had version 2.xx and it's gone now...
Thunderchild 2.00 and 2.01 contained certain quest changes that were incompatible with other versions. Because this made Workshop updates impossible, these patches were discontinued. Most changes are in 1.06 and later versions.

Hold on, let me clean it with TES5Edit...
You will find some ITMs, but these are on purpose. Sometimes the intention is to keep a certain value the same in case another mod decides to rebalance the same shout in a different way. Others are erroneously detected as ITMs and cleaning them will break stuff. Much of the latter is removed in 1.06 and later versions.

The Pillars are missing! (1.05 or earlier versions)
To minimise the risk of overriding the content of other mods, the Pillars are spawned when the mod is first run at the location of existing references like creature spawners. If the spawner has recently been triggered before the mod is installed, it vanishes until cell reset and the quest fails to start. To fix this, wait 31 days (cell reset), open the console and type:
stopquest TC_EmpowerShrine_Quest
resetquest TC_EmpowerShrine_Quest
startquest TC_EmpowerShrine_Quest

It's not working!
Make sure the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller quest is completed and you have been crowned Ysmir. If it is, then perhaps the mod isn't installed correctly or you lack the required DLC (or you are a pirate).