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Added: 24/08/2013 - 06:57AM
Updated: 14/02/2014 - 11:20AM

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Last updated at 20:20, 14 Feb 2014 Uploaded at 15:57, 24 Aug 2013

Perhaps most players have got tired with combating with those vanilla weak foes and used some mods to strengthen them .However I still think there still should be some mods to deepen different combat style to feature different enemies,and i just mean we need a mod to make most enemies use the Power, vampires transform into bat form, draugr use varieties of shouts, falmer can be invisible Intelligently, bosses can get a far more complex AI. Actually , I'm just describing what my mod does.

1.After ver 1.8, all special skills of bandits and forsworns are removed , and they have been enhanced in an immersive way .Meanwhile, some special bosses in the main quests or side quests are scaled to players'level now which means there will be no Slight Version or Extra Version from now on.And you can experience everything in this new version.

2.The new version(ver 1.95) of this mod requires Dawnguard and Dragonborn. If you haven't the Dragonborn DLC, I suggest you keep the old ver 1.8.And ver 1.8 needs only Dawnguard .

1.First,It's NO SCRIPTS.

2.Add Unique Skills to Enemies

Most enemies have their own skills now, such as Invisibility of Falmer,Bat Form of Vampire,Artillery of Dwarven Sphere and so on.

3.More intelligent Enemies

Enemies use more block and power attack,you must pay full attention to their behavior and movement .

4.Add new magic to Enemies

Some enemies use unique and powerful magic which will astonish you .

5.Add High-Level Enemies

6.Far More powerful Boss

Draugr boss,Vampire boss and Dragon priest are super-powerful. So don't treat them as common enemies.

Special Thanks To BigHeaded and Brodual

Notice:It's just an old review of this mod and special skills from bandits do not exist in the new version.


  • It will be compatible with SPERG.
  • It will be compatible with ACE.
  • It will be compatible with Ultimate Combat.
  • It will be compatible with Enhanced Enemy AI.
  • It will be compatible with Duel - Combat Realism.
  • It will be compatible with Deadly Dragon.
  • It will be compatible with Might Dragon.
  • It will be compatible with SkyTest.
  • It will be compatible with Dragon Combat Overhual.
  • It will be compatible with Better Vampire.
  • It will be compatible with Deadly Combat.
  • It will be compatible with Asis .
  • If you use SkyRe, load the main file(SkyReMain.esp) BEFORE my mod(Rebirth Monster.esp), and the SkyRe AI (SkyRe_EnemyAI.esp) module JUST BEFORE my mod so that MY MOD is BELOW them in the loadorder and OVERWRITES them.
  • Load this mod after High level enemy or use Wrye Bash.
  • Load this mod after Skyrim Monster or use Wrye Bash.
  • If you have used any mods which change leveled list of enemies such as HLE etc, please load my mod after them or use Wrye Bash if you think it's necessary.
  • Particularly,If you use Skyrim Immersive Creatures,you can get a patch from page of SIC in future days .
  • And Special thanks to lifestorock,the author of Skyrim Immersive Creatures who will make this patch.