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<-------<< Iron Sight Bow >>------->

The Iron Sight Bow is a Bow Weapon with Sights - Designed to play without HUD-Crosshair

This bow is made as a basic tool for lowlevel gameplay. Therefore it does not need any fancy textures, glass lenses or stuff like that. Later on in the game you will be able to craft all other scoped bows anyways.


NEXUS MOD MANAGER (Recommended):

1.)Download and install the "Iron Sight Bow" main file
2.)Play and have Fun!

======= ======= =======

Folder Structure looks like this:

data/meshes/weapons/sniper sight bows/imperial/...-here are the textures
data/textures/weapons/sniper sight bows/imperial/....-here are the textures

Just remove the Files.

How To Get In Game >>------->

Crafting: This is a fully craftable weapon

Cheating (Console Comand):
open the console with ^
1.)type: help sight it will show up with it's id
2.)type: player.additem xxxxxxxx 1 (instead of x type the numbers of the id - the 1 at the end stands for the number of bows that you will get)



ABT - Arrows and Bolts Tweaks
+DISABLE the HUD completely (this is how i play) or instead use one or both of the suggested mods below.

Immersive Hud
To turn crosshair and/or sneak eye off (this mod offers many great options)

Simple Crosshair
To move the sneak eye down on your screen between health and magica bar download "oblivion style sneak eye" (works great in combination with iHud)

<-------<< >>------->

SKYRIM.INI TWEAKS(make a backup at first!)



This Bow is Part of the Scoped Bows mod!

If you enjoy this mod please Endorse it! It gives me the motivation to keep on modding.
Have Fun! :)