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Play without crosshair they said
It will be fun they said

OutLaw666 proudly presents:
Scoped Bows
Immersive Precision without UI-Crosshair

Scoped Bows featured in MMOxReview "Skyrim: Top 10 Weapons" (skip to: 2:14)

Review by Skytts.(9:09) * * * Showcase by Gruntlock.
* * *

Review by Gopher.

Note: Some videos are showing outdated mod-versions. Many things have been improved or changed.

What you Get

This mod adds craftable scoped versions of all vanilla bows* (including official DLC,s) and many scoped replacers of unique bows to the game.
You are getting
21 Scoped Bows in total.

Each bow does 3-5 points more base damage than its vanilla counterpart. Each bow is made as lore-friendly as possible.

These bows are designed to immersively enhance Precision when playing Without UI-Crosshair.

Full Bow List:
Dwarven Bow - Scoped (Classic) "Dwarven Sniper Bow"
Dwarven Bow - Scoped (Dark) "Dwarven Sniper Bow"
Dwarven Bow - Scoped (Silver) "Dwarven Sniper Bow"
Daedric Bow - Scoped "Daedric Wrath"
Nordic Bow - Scoped "Nordic Assault Bow" [Dragonborn]
Dragonbone Bow - Scoped [Dawnguard]
Glass Bow - Scoped
Hunting Bow - Scoped
Iron Bow - Scoped
Orcish Bow - Scoped
Elven Bow - Scoped
Stalhrim Bow - Scoped [Dragonborn]
Ebony Bow - Scoped

Auriel's Bow [Dawnguard]
Glass Bow of the Stag Prince [Dragonborn]
Bound Bow
Dwarven Black Bow of Fate [Dragonborn]
Angi's Bow
Zephyr [Dawnguard]
Nightingale Bow
Firiniel's End

How it Works

There are at least 2 circles attached to each bow.
One circle is for aiming while standing, the other circle is used when sneaking.

The scopes are pointing precisely into the screen center where the overlaying UI-crosshair would be. You can aim with the bow itself without using an overlaying crosshair.

These weapons should look cool and be fun to use, whilst improving accuracy in an immersive way.

How To Get in Game

Crafting (craftables):
The craftable bows can be crafted at any Forge. (respective smithing perk required)
They are improvable and enchantable.

Finding/Obtaining (replacers):
The "Dwarven Sniper Bow - Classic" is craftable but can also be found on the top Platform of the Hall of Rumination in Blackreach.
The "Dwarven Black Bow Of Fate" can be found In Solstheim/Kagrumez.
Auriel's Bow is received from Gelebor during the dawnguard quest Touching the Sky.
The Glass Bow Of the Stag Prince can be obtained from Falas Selvayn at the Ramshackle Trading Post.
Angi's Bow is given to the Dragonborn after completing Angi's archery training in the unmarked quest Composure, Speed, And Precision.
Zephyr can be obtained during the quest Lost to the Ages.
The Nightingale bow can be obtained during the Thieves Guild questline.
Firiniel's End can be only found during or after the Dark Brotherhood quest Bound Until Death.

Cheating (Console Command):
open the console with
help "name of the bow" it will show up with it's id (instead of "name of the bow" type its complete name accordingly to the list above)
player.additem xxxxxxxx 1 (instead of x type the numbers of the id - the 1 at the end stands for the number of bows that you will get)
help scoped and use the "page up" and "page down" keys on your keybord to scroll to the bow you like.
2.)use player.additem command like shown above
Note: You will not find the unique bows (replacers) that way.


This mod adds and replaces a bunch of bows. There is nothing else under the hood.
-Scoped Bows is scriptfree.
-Scoped Bows can not break your game or saves.
-Scoped Bows can be installed and deinstalled at any time.
-Scoped Bows can be affected by other mods (look under "compatibility and issues") but it can not affect other mods.

Install, Uninstall using NEXUS MOD MANAGER (Recommended):

1.)Download and install one main file
2.)OPTIONAL: Download and install one upgrade (only when using the basic edition)
3.)OPTIONAL: Download and install the optional glowing reticles file (compatible with all files)
4.)Play and have Fun!

1.)Uninstall all Optional files if you have used any.
2.)Uninstall the Main file.
3.)Go to hell!

Load Order:
If you are using skyre place the ScopedBows.esp above all skyre plugins. The skyre edition comes with a "post reproccer ScopedBows patch.esp" for those who are using reproccer patches by Xathra or qotsafan.
Make sure you place the "post reproccer ScopedBows patch.esp" under those patches if you are using them. (Otherwise you can deaktivate/delete the post reproccer patch).

If you don't use skyre it doesn't matter.

Updating from version 1.3 to 1.4:
"Clean save" is not required. Just uninstall the old version and install the new one. You won't lose any bows.

Hint: The orange arrow (
<-------<< ) in the files section marks the files that i use myself. Everything else was done by request.


For the best experience i recommend to use all suggested mods and ini tweaks below in combination.

->ABT - Arrows and Bolts Tweaks (50% faster arrows) Makes arrows faster and reduces the gravity for a higher range. (+other options) Highly Recommended!

->Immersive Hud To disable crosshair and sneakeye. (+other options) Highly Recommended!

->Simple Crosshair Choose "Oblivion Style Sneak Eye - No Crosshair" to move the sneak eye down betwen health and magica bar. Highly Recommended!

->Better Eagle Eye and Steady Hand Redux For a higher Zoom on your target. (+other options)

->Enchantment Effect Replacer Enchantment effects are just annoying, right? -Download the "No Effect" File!

SKYRIM.INI TWEAKS: Highly Recommended! (make a backup first)


For information about the ini-tweaks read the "ABT - Arrows and Bolts Tweaks" mod description. (link above) Ini-tweaks are also working without that mod.

Third-Party Addons and Patches

Scoped Bows Level Lists - Vanilla or SkyRe

Requiem - Scoped Bows Patch

Compatibility and Issues

This Mod should be Compatible with Everything that does Not change the 1stperson skeleton.
There are some mods which can disturb the scope/reticle calibration. The scopes may appear inaccurate or completely displaced, which makes them useless.

Not compatible:
Lower 1stperson weapons
Staffs 4 Lighting
After creating your character you can uninstall this mod. Reinstall only for later customization (before using "showracemenu" command).
Some Edited Versions of XP32 Maximum Skeleton
Immersive First Person View
Use Skyrim - Enhanced Camera instead.

only with some of the bows,- noticable if your character wears thick armor
The glass lenses may get black or opaque when activating predator vision*. (*mod)
The glass lenses are fogging up (getting opaque) if you're sneaking while wearing anything with Boethiah's Mail enchantment.
Some Bows are causing minor problems with Dynamic Depth of Field.
the focus will jump between scope and target

If you find more incompatible mods or Issues let me know so I can insert them here.


You have permission to create Patches, Translations and Addon's to share them here on the nexus, without asking.

You are allowed to integrate the bows into your own mod as long as you properly credit me. ( I want you to include a link to the original mod into your mod description.)

I do NOT give permission to improve the meshes or to reupload them in a further modified way.

You don't have to ask me for permission if you want to make your own bows with scopes or sights. Giving me credit for the idea would be nice but is not necessary.

Special Thanks and Credits to:
-7hr08ik for his helpfulness. -everyone else who helped me with testing and feedback. -Kevkas for the Ini Tweaks which are quoted from the ABT mod description. -Kyokushinoyama for Kinematic ENB Extensive. -The Nexus community, all the modders and all the users, especially to everyone who supported me during all the time with nice comments and endorsements. Without you this mod would not exist!

Endorsements, comments, pictures and videos are always appreciated!

* not included: Falmer - makes no sense (they are blind!), Ancient Nord - for lore reasons (back then only the dwemer had this technology), Vanilla Longbow - unnecessary (weakest bow of the game), Forsworn - for lore reasons (compared to their armor and weaponry scopes are too advanced)