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Added: 17/07/2013 - 08:34AM
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Last updated at 3:31, 19 Sep 2015 Uploaded at 8:34, 17 Jul 2013

ENDORSE if you like it!! :) Rated 5-STAR ***** on Steam. Steam version here

Always TES5Edit-cleaned before each upload - no dirty edits!
Current Status: Purely vanilla, so should have no conflicts
Once this mod is enabled, SAVE and RELOAD for the quest dialogue to start up (currently this isn't much, WIP).
This mod contains only 1 tiny script, to put markers on the followers so you can find them more easily.

Xylyx the Spriggan
Location: Clearpine Pond (coc ClearpinePondExterior02)
Voice: Female Dark Elf (later a custom voice)
Spells: All the Spriggan spells and abilities, plus specializes in Frost and Poison magick.
Perks: Stealth, Lightfoot (will not set off traps, will not affect Stealth meter)
I removed the annoying buzzing sound that other spriggans have.

Dorian the Dragon
Location: Bonestrewn Crest (coc BonestrewnCrestExterior06)
Voice type: Male Drunk
Spells: all dragon shouts

Werath the Wolf
Location: Whiterun (coc POITundra14)
Voice type: Male Argonian
Has a bit of custom dialogue, for a start.

Grawp the Giant (Yes, that is a Harry Potter reference)
Location: Sleeping Tree Camp (coc SleepingTreeCampExterior01)
Voice type: Male Brute

Fury the Flame Atronach
Location: Fellglow Keep (coc FellglowKeepExterior02)
Voice type: Female Sultry
Spells: Flame Atronach and fire magic

Wyndi the Wisp (Shade)
Location: Frostflow Lighthouse, on top by the flame (coc FrostflowLighthouseExterior01)
Voice type: Female Young Eager
Spells: Wisp magic, Frost magic, Conjure Frost Atronach, Healing
Has a bit of custom VOICED dialogue, for a start. If it's too soft, or if the echo FX doesn't work, let me know and I can fix it.

Sometimes, the Dragon clips into the ground. Unfortunately this is a vanilla game glitch, nothing I can do about it, and he'll still follow if you coc or fast travel away.

Works with Amazing Follower Tweaks (AFT), because it is completely vanilla.
Again, completely vanilla, so I assume it will also work with Ultimate Follower Overhaul (UFO), but I don't have that.

Feedback is much appreciated! :) But don't be rude.

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