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Have you ever thought the School of Conjuration was... a bit dull? Only Atronachs, Dremora, and a few quest ghosts, to summon? This mod aims to fix that, and add a little humor into the game. Now you can summon the forest animals. This is a pretty simple mod; there's only 1 way to create summoned creatures.

Novice Spells:
Conjure Deer
Conjure Elk (Female & Male)
Conjure Fox & Arctic Fox
Conjure Hare
Conjure Skeever
Conjure Wolf (Black & Red)

The deer, fox, and hare spells are not marked as "dangerous" (like other conjured creatures) so NPCs won't feel nervous around them.

Apprentice Spells:
Conjure Bear & Cave Bear
Conjure Fostbite Spider
Conjure Spriggan
Conjure Troll
Conjure Ice Wolf
Conjure Painted Cow

Adept Spells:
Conjure Snow Bear
Conjure Hagraven
Conjure Sabre Cat
Conjure Spriggan Matron
Conjure Frost Troll

Expert Spells:
Conjure Ice Wraith
Conjure Snowy Sabre Cat
Conjure Wispmother
Conjure White Stag

Master Spells:
Conjure Fire Dragon
Conjure Frost Dragon

Where Can You Find Them?
Go to the Eldergleam Sanctuary (where else to find nature-based magic?), and find the merchant conjurer Gathriel. She is a Master Conjuration Trainer as well as s Spell Vender. She sells:
- The usual assortment of Conjuration spells and soul gems
- My new Conjuration Spells

If you want to be sneaky and get them for free, there is also a hidden chest off to the side of the sanctuary, for which you'll need to obtain the key. Where do you think that might be? =D

OR, you can type in console:
help "conjure snow bear" -- etc. and add the tomes or the spells themselves directly to your inventory

There are a few other Conjuration mods out there. Why use this one?
Up to you. The others are likely pretty similar, just slight variance of available spells, or on how to get them.

Does the Twin Souls perk work with this?
Only somewhat. The Twin Souls perk in the base game only applies to atronach spells, not to any other conjured creature, so you cannot have two bears or two spriggans, etc. at the same time. I added the perk only on certain creatures of similar element (ice/frost animals and flame animals), so if you cast a second time you'll get a Frost Atronach, or a Fire Atronach, respectively.
One person a while back did report being able to have two bears, but I have no idea how. I assume they had some other Conjuration mod that modified the perk.

If you like this mod, please leave a comment and Endorse! It means a lot to me!

The Ice Wraith, Wisp Shade and Wispmother may leave behind unlootable ice/ash piles. I believe (but don't know for sure) that the ice/ash pile is hard-coded into the actors themselves, or actor type. I'm not sure what (if anything) I can do about it. If anyone knows, please leave a comment.
Anyone who spams will be reported, blocked, and their comments deleted.

This mod ONLY adds an npc and two chests to the Eldergleam Sanctuary, has only 1 script for training, and has its own leveled list, so does not affect anything else. It is stand-alone.

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