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I will not update this mod further (1.7 is my last one for now). There is a detailed description, a readme, as well as NMM and Wrye Bash installers. I will be answering comments less and less as time goes on. This mod should be compatible with any and all game updates and with mods that do not alter textures.

You are welcome to use parts of this mod for your own mod, I just ask that you credit me and provide a link back to this mod. You are welcome to use my original textures or modify them as you see fit.


If you are new to this mod, then I recommend that you install Nexus Mod Manager (NMM) to run this mod. Easy-to-follow prompts. Checkboxes and images. No confusion.

Check out Automatic Variants! My mod package is available at that link and can be used to see all textures in the game instead of one per creature type.


Check out my saddles over at Bellyache's Fur and Quilted Saddles.

  • the long wait is over - behold - the timber werewolf (see screenshots)!
  • dark grey werewolf (a shade between the black and grey ones)
  • new alternate horse, chestnut sabino
  • new sabre cat, black
  • new wolf, brown - now with NMM option to choose texture for default red wolf

  • adds a few more color variants for mammoth, red chaurus, grey fox, new alternate horses, new dragonflies, two new patterned chickens
  • now using Bethesda's high resolution textures as a base for my own
  • two packs offered - high and medium resolution - high resolution is the same resolution as Bethesda's HD content pack, medium resolution is half that resolution
  • werewolves have not been redone, as there is only a high resolution head texture (no body texture)

v1.1 - v1.5.5
  • a bunch of stuff that no longer matters - I had to redo everything for 1.6 to make high resolution textures
  • wolf-like werewolves added in 1.5 (my pride and joy)

  • initial release

This mod provides new and modified textures for wildlife, domesticated animals, and creatures in the game. Currently, this mod is a pack of REPLACERS and does not add new variants to the game. Right now, you can just choose skins to overwrite the default textures.

This pack has been updated to use the high resolution textures provided by Bethesda. I offer high resolution (at the same resolution as Bethesda's HD content pack) and medium resolution (half the resolution size of the HD pack, being very similar to the texture sizes that shipped with the game).

Some of my creatures are heavily altered and some are just recolors. This is also meant to be a resource for other modders who don't have the time or capability to create different textures. There is a screenshot or NifSkope image of every creature, so feel free to look at what this mod has to offer! There are around 100 textures.

I do not mind if you use my textures in your mod (altered or unaltered), just please give credit and provide a link back to this mod so people can see the originals.

Nothing is planned. I am on hiatus until further notice.

Completed: bear, chaurus, chicken, dog, dragonfly, elk, caribou, fox, frostbite spider, goat, hawk, highland cow, horker, horse, mammoth, mudcrab, rabbit, sabre cat, skeever, wolf, and werewolf.

  • 9 colors (black, brown, dark brown, gold, grey, dark grey, orange, white, timber)
  • new normal map
  • added fur to face, shoulders, and upper arms
  • skin darkened slightly
  • a variety of eye colors to choose from
  • feet now have pads
  • minor edits to mouth

  • 5 new colors (black, white, brown, light brown, grey)
  • no editing, just recolors

  • 5 colors (brown, light brown, light grey, grey, white)
  • evened out color, edited out weird marks (saliva?) on bottom lip, made tusks more ivory colored instead of yellow

Sabre Cat
  • 7 retextures (4 for brown replacers, 3 for white replacers)
  • thinking ahead for the future, I made some different "cat types," I plan to make more
  • cleaned up the coat significantly, edited out subtle stripes so I could have a base to worth with, made mouth less purple, fixed some texture wrapping issues with front feet
  • new normal map

  • 4 new colors (black, green, brown, red)
  • very little editing
  • darkened mandibles and cerci

Frostbite spider
  • 6 new colors (tan, dark brown, black, brown striped, frosty, grey)
  • very little editing, just recolors
  • frosty and grey skins are replacements for the default white spider (, all others are replacements for the default brown spider (

  • retextured the two default colors, blue and orange
  • the default dragonfly had its wings on upside down, so I flipped them and trimmed them up so the wings now properly come from the thorax (default wings were clipping with the abdomen)
  • higher resolution wings and body, reflected in alchemical ingredients

  • 3 colors which correspond to defaults (brown, black, and white)
  • by default (not my doing!) the pelts are swapped, so brown bears have black pelts and black bears have brown pelts - I will fix this eventually

  • 2 textures (golden eagle, common buzzard)
  • edited the alpha channel so the feathers look like distinct entities
  • new normal map
  • my default hawk and my modified hawks are missing small portions of some of their wing feathers, so I do not think it is a problem with this mod

  • 6 colors (grey, dark grey, brown, white, brown hooded, grey hooded)
  • white skeever ( is a separate entity from the grey skeever (
  • "healthy" and "diseased" variants
  • there is only one skeever tail ingredient texture that is shared between and, so I did not modify it - it will just be default grey for now

  • 7 colors (black, white, brown, dark brown, bicolor, speckled, barred)
  • new normal map

  • very little editing, removed white belly for solid colors
  • 5 solid colors (light brown, brown, dark brown, dark grey, white), 2 patterned (brown and white, black and white) with white chest, feet, lower jaw and portion of muzzle

Elk and Caribou
  • removed shaggy hair on face
  • also modified white stag skin, a separate entity (quest related)

  • 4 colors (red, silver, arctic, grey)

  • shaggy and non-shaggy versions
  • in non-shaggy version, removed coat and bell (not actually attached to goat, just floats)
  • 3 colors (brown, grey, white)
  • no changes to goat pelts yet

Highland cow
  • 5 colors (orange, white, brown, black, belted)
  • new normal map (Mancer's normal map)
  • also modified the painted cow skin (uses my brown skin)
  • belted recolor has one minor issue - tail uses the same texture as the body so the tail has a white band on it

  • 5 retextured skins that correspond to the default city horses
  • several alternative skins to choose from (black spotted, white, blue roan, dun, piebald, pangare (for light and dark mane), light dapple grey, dark dapple grey, black and white, chestnut sabino)
  • horses wear horseshoes
  • faked the mane on the top of the head, because by default the horse has a bald spot between the ears

References to each horse type kindly provided by WatchTheShow:
  • = Clydesdale/Bay (Windhelm and Carriage Horse)
  • = Palomino (Solitude and Frost)
  • = Dapple Gray (Riften)
  • = Black (Whiterun and Shadowmere)
  • = Pinto (Markarth)

If you want to replace horse skins and what not, take note that 01, 03, 04 will have dark manes and 02, 05 will have light manes.
Also note that I have faked the mane between the ears because the mane mesh leaves a gap, resulting in a bald spot on the head. I colored the top of the horse's head to look like the mane so it wouldn't look so... bad (Bethesda also does this by default). So swapping mane colors won't look good. If you want to use a light mane on a horse with faked-dark-mane texture, let me know and I can make a compatible skin for light manes.

  • 4 colors (grey, muddy, white, Oblivion-styled)
  • also added alchemical ingredients for alternate colors

  • only one skin that is white; brown rabbits are white rabbits with a brown overlay applied to them

  • 5 total colors (darker black, timber, light grey, white, brown)
  • darker black and timber are currently named to be replacements for the black wolf (, light grey and white are currently replacements for the ice wolf (, brown is a replacement for the alpha wolf (
  • recolored pelts (except for red wolf which does not have a unique pelt, but I have added a brown pelt if you want to use my brown wolf as a replacer for ice or black wolves)

Any mods that replace or modify the same textures or normal maps will obviously conflict. The last mod you install will overwrite your previous files.


Wr_berg provided the following information on how to use this mod (and any other texture mod) in conjunction with Bethesda's high resolution texture pack. A big thanks to him for this valuable information.

1. Go to the Skyrim.ini, usually located in DocumentsMy GamesSkyrim. Make a backup!
2. In the Skryim.ini find the section called [Archive], and add the information for the hi res pack .bsa files so that it looks exactly like this:

sResourceArchiveList=Skyrim - Misc.bsa, Skyrim - Shaders.bsa, Skyrim - Textures.bsa, HighResTexturePack01.bsa, HighResTexturePack02.bsa, Skyrim - Interface.bsa, Skyrim - Animations.bsa, Skyrim - Meshes.bsa, Skyrim - Sounds.bsa
sResourceArchiveList2=Skyrim - Voices.bsa, Skyrim - VoicesExtra.bsa

3. Save the .ini with the new settings
4. Disable HiResTexturePack01.esp and HiResTexturePack02.esp, you don't need them anymore to run the dlc textures because of the above .ini changes.


My mod is complemented by Automatic Variants, Skyrim Creatures Alive, and other mods that increase spawn rates of existing creatures.

La Femme Lycana Female Werewolf Body by Madcat221 is compatible with my werewolf textures. Use both together for awesome female werewolves.

Compatible with Skyrim Monster Mod (thanks, creeposaurus!)

Compatible with Tales of Lycanthropy (thanks, creeposaurus!). Install Tales of Lycanthropy first and then install my mod afterwards.

Automatic Variants by Leviathan1753 allows for my creatures to spawn with multiple textures. It's awesome and has come a long way! He's now on the Nexus, so stop by and give it a download!

Skyrim Creatures Alive by CorepcMMP will feature some of my textures as new variants (non-replacers). Works with Automatic Variants.

Thanks to Mancer for letting me use and modify his normal maps!
Thanks to isoku and Gopher for helping me get my NMM installer going!
Thanks to lojack for initially making a BCF of my mod and then teaching me how to make this mod compatible for Wrye Bash users!
Thanks to OpticShooter for the initial help with saving dds files properly!
Thanks to wr_berg for his helpful comments, including how to make texture mods work with Bethesda's HD pack!
Thanks to Bethesda for their textures, many of which I modified or used as a base for my own.