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Included and expanded in Relics of Hyrule

These boots are meant to be a visual blend of the Ocarina of Time Iron Boots and the Twilight Princess Iron Boots, as well as resembling an Ancient Nord artifact once worn by a long-dead warrior. As such, they can be found in a Nordic Ruin in nothern Skyrim.

They are very heavy, and slow the wearer down considerably. You can sprint in them, but it is hardly worth it. Also, when you are overencumbered while wearing them, you can barely move, making climbing stairs very difficult. The Boots are also loud, so enemies will be alerted to your presence very easily, even if you are sneaking.

Also, I simply cannot figure out how to make them sink. I'm sorry, but I don't have the coding expertise or the patience to make that happen.

They can be improved at a workbench with an oricalchum ingot and an iron ingot, and no perks are required, since the boots are technically not enchanted. This makes it very easy to improve them. However, they will not hold an enchantment.

Summary of The Iron Boots:
+ Equal armor rating to Dragonplate Boots
+ Easily improved at workbench
+ Greatly reduced stagger in battle
- Very slow movement
- Very heavy
- Loud footsteps, making you easy to detect, even when sneaking.

Spoilers and behind the magic below!

The Iron Boots are in Volskygge, and actually do have their own enchantment for making the player move slowly. Also, I used the Dwarven Centurion footstep sound, making the Boots AWESOME. They are based on the dragonplate boots mesh, hence their old, dented look.