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Update: I have added a rough texture for the second 40 years old rough complexion. The vanilla one has scars and acne-like spots in red color that look like burnt skin. Looks bad IMO. I have resized/sharpened both textures and compiled a new one without the acne spots. Just the rough cheek scars for a more natural look. The scars won't be red and they will apply to the skin. Put it in the same folder as the normal map.

My characters in Skyrim were older than 30 since the start. I liked the 40 years old tint mask, but I felt that it was too 'fake'. So I created this normal map for my characters and I got a few messages from people who seem to like it, so I decided to share it.

This map is pointed to all those who like a harsh character. Prefferably Stormcloaks, Barbarians, Brutal-like-characters. Smoothskins won't like this.

The normal map gives a few wrinkles on the forehead, and enough wrinkles on the cheeks to make it seem more real and with more depth. As I have created this for my own use, the file contains only the normal map. You need to apply it to a custom race or replace it with your current one (Note: It will replace all Nord normal maps if put to the texture file).

The base of the map is based on Geonox's textures. The wrinkles and scars are all edited from the original Older Map of Bethesda.

I take suggestions and Criticism but I do not promise anything.

I use it only on Nord characters so the path is : Skyrim:Data:Textures:Actors:Character:Male
Making a backup of the normal map you're currently using is highly recommended. If it screws up your in-game looks it's not my fault. You have been warned.

--------Mods to use with it--------

Battle Hardened Warpaints :
Geonox Textures : <---- MUST HAVE in my opinion.