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What is SkyTweak?
SkyTweak is an in game menu with literally hundreds of game balancing options.
None of SkyTweak is hardcoded, so it has essentially no compatibility issues with other mods.
Use it to fine tune your mod load order to exactly what you need it to be.


SkyUI Version 4.0+
SKSE Version 1.6.15+
FISS Version 1.21+ (optional)

FISS is a tool that lets me save data to an XML file.
Which in turn gives you the ability to transfer SkyTweak settings in between save files.
Without it you have to redo your SkyTweak settings every new game you start.

SkyTweak is designed to be compatible with ANYTHING.
The code will scan for changes to gamesettings at key moments to insure this compatibility.
It is designed to detect changes made by virtually anything such as:
- Hardcoded Changes (The majority of mods use this)
- Scripts (MCM menus for example, are scripts)
- Even Console Commands

SkyTweak is NOT coded to loop constantly during gameplay.
While that would be an easy way to insure compatibility, it would also slow your gameplay.

See the bottom of the description page for more details

PS: Load order doesn't matter for any of these mods.

Intelligent Defaults
Skytweak will detect changes made by the scripts of other mods in game.

Compatibility Measures
1 - SkyTweak menus will never show you incorrect information.
SkyTweak menus rescan gamesettings before you open them,
so they're always up to date with accurate information.

2 - SkyTweak will import the gamesetting information into the default button of every slider.
That way if you make a change with SkyTweak, but you want things back to normal, it's just a button click away.

3 - SkyTweak scans at several key points to prevent your gamesettings from undergoing a "rollback" during a save.

What is a "rollback"?
If SkyTweak fails to record changes before you save, then those changes won't be remembered the next time you load that save. So the next time you load, you will essentially be playing on rollback settings.

To prevent this: SkyTweak Will Scan during the 5 following events:
- When you open the SkyTweak Menu
- When you open or close your console
- When you open or close your system menu (IE press escape)

TLDR: This issue will never happen if you:
Save normally, in the System Menu (Esc Menu).
Or save with console commands.
Only Quicksaves and Autosaves are at risk of a rollback.
And even so, not all quicksaves/autosaves will be affected.
And at the end of the day, a rollback is only a minor annoyance at worst.

SkyTweak settings are rolling back/resetting when I load a new game!
First, try making a new game with only SkyUI, SKSE, and SkyTweak. And see if SkyTweak still rolls back then.

If SkyTweak works without other mods besides SkyUI, then that means your game has reached its limit in terms of how much/many papyrus scripts your computer can handle. You can try Increasing allocation to papyrus or removing script heavy mods. Just keep in mind that for some mods, their scripts will keep floating around even after you remove the mod.

If SkyTweak still resets on a new game with only SkyTweak and SkyUI, then please submit a bug report.